Kirk Cousins gets perilously close to upset his wife with recent class act

Kirk Cousins, the acclaimed quarterback, is recognized not only for his prowess on the field but also for his humility and generosity. Amidst his ongoing rehabilitation in his hometown, Cousins recently demonstrated an exceptional act of kindness by assisting students at Hope College. 

This class act, however, posed a potential challenge as it brought Cousins, known as familyman, perilously close to upsetting his wife. 

Kirk Cousins class act comes to surface

Kirk Cousins, the Vikings quarterback, was at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, undergoing physical therapy to recover from an injury. A group of college students spotted him and informed their sports communication professor, Patrick Gentile, about the opportunity for extra credit.

Professor Gentile offered the students extra credit if they could convince Cousins to attend their class. Cousins, known for his generosity, agreed to the student’s request.

The QB drove the students to Professor Gentile’s next class. He not only attended the class but went above and beyond by giving a guest lecture.

Kirk Cousins
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The college and Cousins shared the experience on social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter). Cousins expressed his gratitude to Professor Gentile and humorously mentioned holding him to the promised extra credit.

“Two students stopped me after my (physical therapy) session @ Hope…told me they’d get extra credit if I showed up to class so I had to stop by,” Cousins wrote. “Professor Gentile, thanks for having me, but now I’m holding you to that extra credit!”

Fans were shocked after hearing this story and commented that sharing this story with his wife Julie Hampton about having two girls in his car could upset her.

However, Cousins’ actions highlight his commitment to the community, showcasing a blend of generosity, humility, and a willingness to connect with fans and students alike.

Kirk Cousins known for his generosity

Kirk Cousins is known for his generous personality. He recently virtually met with 6-year-old Edison and his father, Edward. The family is currently homeless and is residing at the People Serving People’s Shelter in Minneapolis.

The Cousins Foundation made a generous donation directly benefiting families at the shelter, allowing parents to choose holiday gifts for their children. The donation supported over 60 families, emphasizing the normalcy and joy that holidays can bring.

The QB engaged in a video conference with two families, including Edison’s, to witness them opening gifts. Edison, a dinosaur enthusiast, shared his favorite, the indoraptor, from Jurassic World.

Edison received various gifts, including a Halo action figure, a robotic snake, a Spider-Man mask, and a dinosaur figurine. Kirk Cousins humorously interacted with Edison about dinosaurs, showcasing his genuine interest and connection.

Kirk Cousins
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Cousins and Edward spoke casually about their shared experiences growing up in Michigan. The two men also connected over their shared Christian faith.

“This man is a professional athlete who just had a game [on Sunday], he has another game on Christmas on Friday … and he takes time out to Zoom with me? That’s beautiful. That’s priceless. I feel honored,” Edward said. “Ten years from now, I’ll tell people that my son met Kirk Cousins on a Zoom call. No shame in the game – I’ll share why he met him and the situation, because my son met an athlete. And a good athlete, at that. A good man, too.”

The Cousins’ donation and partnership with People Serving People provided a level of normalcy and holiday cheer for families facing homelessness. Families, despite their challenges, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate and provide gifts for their children.

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