Kurt Angle weighs up the competition AEW provide, reveals key reason why WWE “will always be in the lead”

Kurt Angle, who has experienced every aspect of the sport through his career in various wrestling companies, recently shared his thoughts on the rivalry between WWE and AEW. He believes that this competition has been highly beneficial for the wrestling industry.

Both WWE and AEW have emerged as the two most profitable companies in recent years, continually pushing each other to new heights. This year has seen remarkable success for both organizations, with sold-out arenas and record-breaking gate receipts. 

Kurt Angle believes WWE’s superiority over AEW to persist

The Olympic gold medalist commented on the competition between the two companies, highlighting that the real winners are the fans and the wrestlers. Both promotions are producing high-quality content, and wrestlers are benefiting financially.

Kurt expressed his opinion saying,”It’s crazy because fans pick sides. They pick who their favorite is. WWE is still in the lead, I think they’ll always be in the lead, don’t get me wrong, AEW is doing great, they’ve done pretty well in ratings from time to time and been close to beating WWE in ratings at certain points.”

WWE has ingrained itself in pop culture, with a legacy spanning over four decades, and its content is designed for mass audiences. In contrast, what AEW has accomplished in its brief existence of less than five years is truly remarkable. Tony Khan is setting ambitious goals, but their target audience primarily consists of hardcore wrestling fans, with content tailored for mature audiences.

Kurt would go on to add, “The WWE is just a monster. They are a company worth $9 Billion. When you have that kind of money behind you, it’s hard to compete with. Don’t get me wrong, Tony Khan has money too, but not WWE-type money.”

WWE HOFer’s “Angle” documentary streaming on Peacock

Kurt Angle was rightfully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. WWE Network has released a documentary titled “Angle,” which is now streaming on Peacock. This documentary reflects on his remarkable career, beginning with his Olympic Gold Medal win despite a broken neck and concluding with his retirement match against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. 

He discussed the release of the new documentary “Angle” with the director, where he mentioned that he could have been the greatest wrestler in the company if he hadn’t left WWE for TNA. In TNA, he became famously known as ‘Perc Angle’ due to his recklessness in the ring, but it was also a time when Kurt Angle was at his peak, and TNA provided genuine competition to WWE. The documentary has received positive feedback from fans.

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