Lionel Scaloni revealing his favorite manager sparks outrage among Argentina fans: “Rare L”

Lionel Scaloni guided Argentina to win their 3rd FIFA World Cup ever in the year 2022 and his name will always be respectfully noted in the country’s history. He also helped them win a record 15th Copa America in the year 2021 and he was the man who helped Lionel Messi, one of the world’s finest footballers, win his first-ever trophies in the International Colours.

Even though the manager has become a respected personality in the Argentina fans’ hearts despite all of that, the manager was bashed and called out names when he recently revealed his favorite manager while speaking in an interview reported by Marca.

Lionel Scaloni names favorite manager

The Argentina national team manager was recently asked about his opinion on the managers operating and was questioned to reveal his favorite manager in modern football. According to Marca, the defending World Cup champion expressed his thoughts, stating that there are many personalities, including the likes of Pep Guardiola, Roberto De Zerbi, Simone Inzaghi, Spalleti, and Simeone, whom he likes a lot.

But he then emphasized that his role model is current Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti, who is the reference for what he wants to be as a coach.

This report has sparked controversies in the football world, with Argentine and Messi fans dissatisfied with the Argentine manager’s comments. Carlo Ancelotti is known for his huge success with Real Madrid, the archrivals of FC Barcelona, where Messi came from and made history. Because of this, fans from all around the world are disappointed and some of them have expressed their frustration with tweets like “Rare L” and “Yikes.”

Even though there has been a rivalry between Lionel Messi and Real Madrid, Scaloni’s comments are his thoughts and shouldn’t have been responded to this way.

Lionel Scaloni talks on future as Argentina manager

In the same interview, he was also asked about his future possibilities and where he could be headed after his stint with the Argentina national team ends. Responding to this question, the Argentine manager expressed his love for Spain and visualized the country as his second home. He also said that it might take some time but his goal is to coach in Spain, which could be a really good thing for Spanish football.

“What will I do when my cycle with the National Team ends? Indeed, my plan is to coach in Spain. Everything takes time, but Spain is a goal; it’s like a second home to me. I know it’s football, and I’m in love with living there, in such a wonderful country.”

The manager has also expressed in the past a chance of leaving this champion Argentina team soon, which means that the possibility of a move to Spain is likely to happen earlier than later as many clubs, including the likes of Barcelona, have been struggling to perform well in recent seasons.

Do you think a move to Spain, possibly to Barcelona, as a manager could be available for Lionel Scaloni in the near future, especially after his recent comments regarding Carlo Ancelotti? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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