Logan Paul perceives celebrity wrestler Bad Bunny ‘crushes it’ planting seeds for future rivalry

The Youtube Sensation Logan Paul is again set to make his return on the upcoming WWE Raw edition. Logan got the attention of the WWE Universe through his impressive in-ring abilities. Last time, Logan Paul faced Seth Rollins in a blockbuster WWE Wrestlemania match where he got defeated. 

On the other hand, Bad Bunny the famous Puerto Rican rapper competed against Damian Priest last month at WWE Backlash 2023. Bunny has also impressed WWE fans around the globe with his dedication to the company. But recently, while speaking on Impaulsive, Logan Paul discussed Bad Bunny’s work in WWE but also said that Bad Bunny had no business being as good as he is.

Logan Paul set to return on WWE television next Monday

Last week WWE RAW, the company announced the return of Maverick for the upcoming edition of Raw. With the announcement, the WWE Universe certainly believed that Logan Paul may be a challenger for Seth Rollins’s open challenge for WWE World Heavyweight Championship on an upcoming show.

Fans also have speculated that maybe Logan Paul will be participating in Money in the Bank 2023 ladder match as a part of a surprise entry in the premium live event.

Logan Paul

It will be interesting to see how the plans turn out for Youtube Sensation as he returns to Raw next week.

The YouTuber-turn-wrestler’s take on Bad Bunny comparison

In a recent episode of his podcast, the multi-talented celebrity-turned-wrestler, Paul, expressed his thoughts on the comparisons between himself and the renowned reggaeton artist, Bad Bunny, within the world of WWE. With a clear passion for both sports and entertainment, Paul wanted to set the record straight.

Addressing the comparisons head-on, Paul confidently stated, “This is what I say to people who are trying to compare me and Bad Bunny in WWE. I wrestled in high school. I did sports and athletics. I am a YouTuber, but I’m an athlete. I was an athlete first.” He wanted to emphasize that his journey as an athlete began long before he ventured into the realm of YouTube stardom.

Recognizing Bad Bunny’s remarkable impact on the WWE scene, Paul also took a moment to acknowledge the musician’s impressive abilities. He acknowledged, “Bunny is a musician, dude. He has no business being as good as he is. He comes in there, and he crushes it.” Paul’s admiration for Bad Bunny’s talent was evident, as he appreciated the artist’s ability to seamlessly transition into the world of professional wrestling and leave a lasting impression.

However, Paul also sought to highlight the distinction between himself and Bad Bunny. While both individuals found success outside of the wrestling ring, Paul believed that his athletic background lent him a unique advantage. “I didn’t box before, but I wrestled. I can still surprise people because I’m a YouTuber first, but I was an athlete first,” he declared.

Future storyline in view for WWE featuring two box-office names

While The Maverick is scheduled to return to WWE next week on Monday Night RAW, It seems like Logan Paul next match is coming very soon. Comments regarding Bunny are a likely hint towards there future blockbuster match as WWE nowadays use social media to heat up their future rivalries. 

Logan Paul

There is no doubt that Logan Paul & Bad Bunny are the two box-office names in the Stamford company.  It will be interesting to see if there is a future clash between these two takes place.




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