Logan Paul’s ‘Prime’ partner KSI wants Zlatan Ibrahimovic to “get in the ring” for his Misfits Boxing promotion

KSI has elevated the influencer boxing scene by starting his boxing promotion called the Misfits in 2022. Along with the help of DAZN and his manager Mams Taylor, Misfits has delivered many entertaining events to the crowd. Moreover, numerous exciting prospects like Salt Papi, Deen the Great and Walid Sharks have got the platform to present their skills and have attracted large audiences.

Besides, many superstars from different realms like retired footballer Leveon Bell and former UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy have showcased their boxing skills on the Misfits PPV. The partnership of KSI’s Misfits and DAZN is for five years and as a result, they are trying to bring in new concepts like tag team bouts and add bigger stars to their roster.

KSI hints at the possibility of Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining the Misfits universe

Last week AC Milan superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic announced his retirement from football. Following his decision to walk away from the sport, fans all around the world gave flowers to the Swedish footballer for his achievements in the sport. With that being said,  everyone is interested to see what Zlatan chooses to do in his next chapter.

Usually, footballers make a transition towards coaching or becoming an expert. However, looking at Zlatan’s fitness and training regime, he can pursue any other sport. Consequently, in a recent interview, KSI was questioned about how he would feel if Ibra joins Misfits. JJ absolutely loved the idea and expressed his wish to add Zlatan to the Misfits universe.

“I would love for that to happen. That would be incredible. I’ve seen him on the bag, he looks like he can bang, let’s go, get in the ring.” KSI seems to be impressed with Zlatan’s boxing skills and it is needless to say that the Swedish superstar would bring in a huge audience if he decides to box.

Fans dissatisfied with KSI calling retired footballer to box

Misfits posted the video in which KSI suggested Zlatan Ibrahimovic join the Misfits universe. It seems like a great idea if one looks at it from a business standpoint. However, many fans on Twitter were unhappy with JJ asking Zlatan Ibrahimovic to step inside the ring after retiring from football. Here are some reactions from fans on Twitter who criticized KSI.

One of the twitter user commented, “Misfits needs to be ended. It is so cringe”.

Another user threw a strong jab at KSI commenting, “Using Zlatan’s name for attention, they couldn’t pay him to get out of bed”.

Do let us know in the comments section your thoughts about Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining the Misfits promotion and making his boxing debut.


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