Mark Andrews’ girlfriend Elena Yates shows off their own Travis KelcexTaylor Swift moment with latest social media activity

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been the talk of the town for months now. Recently, Ravens TE Mark Andrews and his girlfriend Elena Yates tried to channel their inner Taylor Swift and Taylor Kelce after the Ravens AFC Championship loss.

Like Taylor Swift supported her boyfriend Travis Kelce in front of everyone and celebrated his victory, Elena Yates supported Mark Andrews and tried to uplift him after the loss.

Elena Yates provides encouragement to boyfriend Mark Andrews

After the AFC Championship game, Elena Yates took to social media to publicly show her support for her boyfriend Mark Andrews. 

The tight end had a challenging season, facing a quad injury at the beginning of the campaign. Then, in week 11, he endured a broken fibula and ankle injury, necessitating surgery. Unfortunately, Andrews remained sidelined until the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs.

After the AFC Championship loss, Elena Yates shared a heartfelt message on Instagram. She posted a message expressing her love and admiration, stating, “Loved watching you do what you do best. Can’t wait to be back & better than ever!! Until next season.”

The Instagram post included a collection of photos showcasing Elena Yates and Mark Andrews during the game, with Elena sporting Ravens gear. This highlights their connection to the team, and Elena’s consistent support by his side.

Mark Andrews, who previously praised Lamar Jackson, responded to Elena’s post by sharing a heart eyes emoji in the comments, indicating his appreciation and affection.

Mark Andrews relationship timeline

Mark Andrews initially dated Kameron Robinson during their time at the University of Oklahoma, and their relationship lasted from 2016 until mid-2017. After a year and a half, the couple decided to part ways. Following the breakup, the tight end remained single.

Reportedly, Elena Yates entered Mark Andrews’ life last year, generating interest in their relationship. She is a student at the College of Charleston pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is also a member of the Tri-Delta Sorority.

Elena Yates has a substantial social media following on TikTok and Instagram. The influencer first hinted at her relationship with Mark Andrews in October through a TikTok video.

“I’ve been going to a lot of football games. My boyfriend is a tight end on the Baltimore Ravens, which is fun… I don’t know what to say because it’s my first time talking about this,” she said in the video.

Mark Andrews
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The couple started dating in the summer, and Elena mentioned spending their first Christmas together in December.

“We’ve been dating for four months, like a week after I turned 21, we went out to dinner, it was great, [we] hit it off… My roommates and I, we watch his games every Sunday.”

Elena emphasized keeping her life private in the video, expressing the challenges of dating someone in the spotlight. She took a step back from social media for privacy reasons.

Despite their relationship, Mark Andrews has not publicly acknowledged it on his social media accounts.

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