Mazi Smith Locker: Cowboys DT’s storage unit auctions at $20K+ in shoes due to missed payments

Mazi Smith had his Super Bowl aspirations cut short due to his team’s tendency of crumbling in the playoffs. Now, the Cowboys rookie DT has recently found himself in a big problem as his prized possessions were auctioned off.

It seems the player missed out on some payments for the storage facility where he kept his valuable possessions, and the mistake has now cost him badly.

Mazi Smith’s storage unit is auctioned due to missing payments

Reportedly, Mazi Smith missed payments for his storage unit because of which his storage contents were auctioned off. The storage contents included a lot of his prized possessions involving $20K+ worth of shoes.

NFL insider Dov Kleiman reshared a viral video of Mazi Smith’s precious storage units and he confirmed the news.

“Cowboys DT Mazi Smith missed making payments on his storage unit, so they auctioned off his locker. Included were Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan playbook, player-exclusive cleats, and other expensive items.”

A TikTok user revealed that he bought the storage unit’s content. He shared the video detailing the things he got which included Michigan Football gear and a defensive playbook from the 2022 Wolverines.

The storage unit also had a big safe, so its contents are still mysterious. Aside from that, it also included $600 worth of shoes, $1000 LV bag, $800 Travis Scott Jordan 1, Exclusive Michigan Jordan Lows each for $1,000, Michigan Game worn clothing, and exclusive shoes worth $20K+ according to the person who got all this stuff.

He claimed that he paid $1,880 for the unit but the things he got surpassed the value he paid. 

Mazi Smith has remained tight-lipped about this whole matter. Maybe he would take action against this move like Adrian Peterson whose things were also auctioned off without authorization. 

What was Mazi Smith’s salary during the 2023 NFL season?

Mazi Smith’s NFL career started in 2021 and he earned first-team All-Big Ten honors in 2022. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2023 NFL Draft. The QB signed a deal with the team according to which he will receive $13.274 million over four years.

His deal included $6.654 million in signing bonus money, dropping his 2023 base salary to $750,000. Following the 2023 season, his salary figures are $1.353 million for 2024, $1.956 million for 2025 and $2.560 million for 2026.

Mazi Smith
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However, his first year with the team wasn’t exceptional. He faced several problems, including his battle with tendinitis. The team still has faith in his abilities as the owner emphasized that he will continue with him.

Owner Jerry Jones claimed, “Mazi has shown us everything that we’ve wanted when we took him. He does need to continue his development. … We’re gonna need Mazi and we’re gonna need him in the middle there. They’re gonna come at us in the run game in the future.” 

Now, as the new season is next on the radar, fans look forward to watching Mazi Smith play better than last year and prove that the team’s faith in his abilities is not wrong.

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