Dani Alves sexual assault lawsuit: former Barcelona defender changes testimony for fourth time in hope for reduced sentence

In the legal saga surrounding one of football’s most decorated players, Dani Alves, and the allegations of sexual assault, there have been many twists and turns. It seems like the end result of the saga might be drawing near with the declaration of the trial date.

The 40-year-old Brazilian full-back is set to undergo trial after the announcement was made by Catalonia’s highest court, marking a significant moment in the case. However, the player’s lawyers have turned over for the fifth time with new statements, taking the case into a perplexing turn.

Dani Alves changes testimony in bid to reduce punishment

Currently facing trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in a Catalan club on the night of December 30, 2022, the former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain player has now claimed that he was drunk on the night of the incident and that the level of intoxication left him unaware of his actions.

Although this is not the first time the statements have been changed by the former Barcelona left-back’s side, he was provisionally detained without bail on January 20, 2023. Since then, Dani Alves has already made five changes to his statements. Initially, the 40 year old claimed to not know the women at all, however, he later admitted meeting her in the club’s bathroom.

Continuation to that, the Brazilian claimed to not indulge in any kind of sexual intercourse but later admitted that he agreed to engage in consensual oral sexual interaction with the women. But when later the biological evidence was found, the Brazilian left-back admitted to having sexual intercourse, claiming to deny this fact initially only to hide from his wife.

Dani Alves sexual assault lawsuit timeline

According to India Today, Dani Alves is set to face a court trial in Barcelona between 5-7 February, 2024, with the victim’s lawyers pushing for a 12-year imprisonment for Alves, along with restraining order post-incarceration and a 150,00 pound damage payment.

Although Alves’s lawyer, Ines Guardiola, has argued that his client’s alleged intoxicated condition on the night of the incident, if proven true, will hand him the opportunity to face a reduced sentence of nine years for his crimes.

But even after that, the left-back might not get time to breathe, as his current wife, Joana Sanz, who has left his properties, is already planning a legal process to seek separation from him after he rejected the divorce proposal by her.

“This is a legal matter. I’m talking about infidelity; that’s what I’m worried about. I’m not going to talk because it’s not my place. We’re still married; we talked about divorce, but he wouldn’t give it to me,” Joana Sanz said.

Dani Alves’ storied career has seen him amass an unparalleled collection of silverware, winning 42 major trophies, including three Champions Leagues with FC Barcelona and two Copa Americas with Brazil. Despite being literally the second most decorated player of all time, Dani Alves might be on his way to lose all of his legacy following the disastrous incident. Though it will be interesting to see how the legal trails turns out in the end and if the left-back changes his statements in future.


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