Thomas Tuchel leaving Bayern deals Liverpool with significant blow in Xabi Alonso chase

Xabi Alonso was undoubtedly a great player, but the current Bayer Leverkusen manager is on the road to becoming a brilliant manager as well. Playing under some great coaches in his career, he has gained an abundance of knowledge, experience and game sense.

Bayern Leverkusen was in turmoil last season but after the arrival of Xavi Alonso as their manager, things have changed. Under Alonso, Leverkusen are on a 22-game unbeaten run and are the only club in the top 5 leagues that is unbeaten. Xabi Alonso has completely transformed Leverkusen from a relegation side last year to title contenders this season.

Xabi Alonso reportedly inclined towards Bayern over Liverpool

On January 2024, Klopp announced that he would leave Liverpool at the end of the season and with that, Xabi Alonso was seen as the ideal replacement for Klopp. However, another jaw-dropping piece of news has come out that Tomas Tuchel will also be leaving Bayern at the end of the season. With both clubs close to Xabi Alonso’s heart, it would be a tough decision to make.

As per reports, Xabi Alonso would be opening up to join Bayern rather than Liverpool. According to Sky Sports, Alonso might be seen as a new Bayer manager next season. With a series of bad performances, Bayern board members are on the verge of bringing Bayer back to where it should actually be. They have recently inquired about the availability of Xabi Alonso for the summer.

Sky Sports reporter Florian Plettenberg said,” It is not 100% clear that Alonso will say yes to FC Bayern. ”He also added that,” According to the information at this stage, Alonso is more willing to join Bayern Munich instead of joining Liverpool.”

Xabi Alonso urged to remain at Bayer by German legend

Xabi Alonso is one of the managers who is in great demand in the market. Though Xabi Alonso is seen as the next manager of Liverpool or Bayern Munich, many players and legends have given their thoughts on it. German legend Lothar Matthaus has urged Xabi Alonso to snub Liverpool and stay at Leverkusen instead.

As per Onefootball, Lothar Matthaus said that he thinks that Xabi Alonso’s work at Leverkusen is not finished. He believes that in Germany he would be more protected and would thrive more. Matthaus suggests that Xabi should wait for the right opportunity and when a big team like Real Madrid arrives, he should go for that.

Everyone has their own opinion over this matter, some suggest that he should go to Bayer, and some suggest he should go to Liverpool. What’s your own opinion on this? Drop your comments below.


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