Mike Tyson reflects on staggering $100million loss, reveals record producer’s alleged White House connections: “he is just a mean, nasty guy”

Mike Tyson, one of the best boxers in boxing history, may always have a tough-guy appearance. But deep down, Mike was also fighting his own battles, one of which was when he came dangerously close to losing a $100 million case against Don King.

The boxing community is aware of the tumultuous relationship that Iron Mike and Don King had. In a recent episode of the podcast “Hotboxin with Mike Tyson”, Mike talked about his legal battle with King. 


When Mike ultimately sued Don King for $100 million in 1998, their feud reached a historic high point. Mike allegedly claimed that Don had defrauded, tricked, and deceived him to gain $100 million over the years. 

It took a while for the case to be resolved. The legendary boxer finally prevailed in court over the seasoned boxing promoter. However, Tyson only received $14 million from the historic agreement.

Mike Tyson talks about his difficult struggle in the past

Together with co-host DJ Whoo Kid and reggaeton musician J Balvin, Tyson discussed some of his earlier career challenges during the podcast episode. 

Mike talked about Clive Davis who had connections with the Corporate America. According to the heavyweight kingpin, Clive had association with the high people even with The White House.

“And Captain and white house and all these areas. You don’t think he had friends up there all again he’s been successful and making great music with Legendary Classic artists.” Tyson said.

Tyson addresses his influence on future boxers

According to The Baddest Man on the Planet, he has long been a key influence in encouraging a generation of young people to pursue boxing as a career.

The 56-year-old former boxer asserted that his influence will remain on the future boxers whenever they puts on the gloves and achieve his level of notoriety.

Overall, the hour-long podcast that explored Mike Tyson from a different perspective was fascinating. Even though he was one of the best boxers in history, Iron Mike had to battle on the legal as well as moral and social fronts.

Despite all of this, though, he will forever be remembered as a legend in the eyes of future generations of fighters who will look up to him. 

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