Finn Balor confronts Seth Rollins following “The Architect” successfully defending the World Heavyweight Championship vs Damien Priest of Judgement Day

In a jaw-dropping clash at Judgement Day, the Architect himself, Seth Rollins, showcased his indomitable spirit by defending the World Heavyweight Championship in a thrilling showdown against the fiery Damien Priest.

But little did Rollins know that his next challenger would be a blast from the past – a man he once left bruised and broken!

Seth Rollins

Finn Balor confronts Rollins indicating a future match

Lo and behold, Finn Balor, the enigmatic member of Judgment Day, crashed the party and sent shockwaves through the arena. This unexpected confrontation between Rollins and the embodiment of chaos itself had fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next explosive chapter in the World Heavyweight Championship saga. As the dust settled and the ring cleared, an unrelenting Finn Balor entered the fray, thrusting himself into the title picture with unwavering determination.

With eyes locked on the World Heavyweight Championship, Balor laid down the gauntlet, igniting a fiery rivalry that promises to captivate the WWE Universe. All signs point to a colossal clash between Rollins and Balor at Money in the Bank 2023.

Seth Rollins brushes off Priest on RAW to retain the title

With Damian Priest vowing a fair fight without any outside interference, Rollins had every reason to believe his victory was secured. But fate had other plans in mind, as Balor executed a daring last-minute run-in that proved to be an ill-fated maneuver. The Architect’s cunning prevailed, and he emerged triumphant against the valiant Archer of Infamy. The grandest stage awaits these fierce combatants, providing the perfect backdrop for their impending collision.

With Rollins yet to find a worthy adversary, Balor’s emergence as the top contender sets the stage for an explosive encounter that will rock the WWE Universe to its core. Judgment Day, a faction that has recently become a thorn in the side of the World Heavyweight Champion, aims to dethrone Rollins, who now sits atop the RAW hierarchy. The pressure intensifies as Rollins must fend off this relentless onslaught, proving his mettle as the reigning champion against the might of Judgment Day.

History between the two stars

Long-time fans will recall the history between Rollins and Balor, a history laced with pain and resentment. Years ago, in a twist of fate, Rollins legitimately injured Balor, leaving him sidelined for an excruciating six months.

Now, the Irish warrior seeks redemption and retribution, ready to wage war and reclaim what is rightfully his – the World Heavyweight Championship. While Rollins and Balor prepare to wage war, rumors swirl about the enigmatic Roman Reigns, the Undisputed Universal Champion. Whispers suggest that Reigns will team up with Solo Sikoa to face off against the formidable duo of The Usos, diverting his attention from defending his coveted title at Money in the Bank.

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled collision of epic proportions as Seth Rollins braces himself for the unforgiving wrath of Finn Balor. Will Rollins’ reign continue to soar, or will Balor unleash a storm of vengeance and claim the throne? Only time will reveal the victor in this spellbinding tale of combat sports brilliance. Buckle up, WWE fans, for an unforgettable showdown that will leave you breathless!

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