After blaming Roman Reigns for being reluctant to defend his belt, WWE fans applauded Seth Rollins’ future plans as World Heavyweight champion

On the cusp of his 37th trip around the sun, Seth Rollins received an epic birthday surprise from the WWE gods. The Visionary was anointed as the pioneer bearer of the coveted World Heavyweight Championship, snatching victory from the clutches of AJ Styles at the electrifying Night of Champions extravaganza in Saudi Arabia.

But here’s the catch: Rollins must now defend his shiny new belt without a moment’s notice. Talk about keeping everyone on their toes! However, fear not, my fellow grappling aficionados, for The Monday Night Messiah is blazing an exhilarating path toward greatness.

Seth Rollins

WWE fans appreciated Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight champion intentions

The WWE faithful erupted with uncontainable excitement when Rollins unveiled his audacious blueprint for his World Heavyweight Championship reign, while playfully teasing a certain unsuspecting superstar.

Meanwhile, our newly anointed heavyweight champ gave us a tantalizing glimpse into his game plan. Mere days after capturing the title, Seth Rollins exemplified his unyielding dedication by training the next generation of grappling prodigies, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the squared circle.

The 37-year-old warrior knows the road ahead is paved with broken bones and sleepless nights, given the grueling stipulations of his championship. But fear not, fellow fans, for Rollins fearlessly embraces the challenge like a master strategist, ready to seize victory at every turn.

During an electrifying interview with The Bump, Rollins boldly declared, “I don’t care if it’s SmackDown, RAW, NXT, or even a thunderous challenge from overseas.” He eagerly awaits the beckoning call of worthy adversaries, pledging to revolutionize the wrestling landscape with a reign that will make Reigns’ tenure seem like child’s play.

WWE fans accused Roman Reigns of being afraid to defend his title and fight

The crowd went wild, praising Rollins’ genius while simultaneously taking playful potshots at Roman Reigns. The WWE faithful have long accused Roman Reigns, the indomitable WWE Universal Champion, of evading worthy challengers and cherry-picking his opponents.

On the other hand, Rollins has already entered the lion’s den, defending his World Heavyweight Title in White Plains against opponents like The Miz. Amid this electric atmosphere, one enthusiastic fan couldn’t resist rubbing it in, relishing the sweet taste of victory.

Verbal haymakers were launched, leaving Reigns feeling a tad less acknowledged than his Tribal Chief persona would desire. Boom! Talk about knocking out two birds with one Stone Cold Stunner. Some dedicated souls even took the time to tally up these glorious shots fired.

Despite his record-breaking 1,000-day reign of supremacy, the Tribal Chief faces relentless criticism for his selective approach, and guess what? Even Rollins himself couldn’t resist calling out his former Shield comrade during his captivating tête-à-tête with WWE’s The Bump.

However, Seth is not done yet! Brace yourselves, folks, as Rollins gears up for another epic showdown on the upcoming episode of RAW, where he will clash with the fearless Damian Priest. 


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