Moments after Forbes Highest-paid Athletes list publish, fans slam its credibility to axe Tyson Fury featuring Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez: “How can Tyson Fury not be in this List?”

Cristiano Ronaldo claimed the top spot on Forbes’s list of the highest-paid athletes for 2023, boasting total earnings of $136 million. Although this ranking was widely accepted, boxing enthusiasts took to trolling Tyson Fury, the heavyweight boxer, for his noticeable absence from the list.

Tyson Fury

The subsequent positions were occupied by two soccer players, with Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe securing places with earnings of $130 million and $120 million, respectively.

In the comprehensive list of 50 athletes, only two representatives hailed from the world of boxing. Despite general consensus regarding the rankings, boxing fans targeted Fury with online taunts for not making the cut.

With earnings of $110 million, Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez secured the impressive fifth position on the highest-paid athlete list. Canelo’s notable placement reaffirms his status as the face of boxing, a title he is likely to hold until his retirement.

Another prominent boxer, former two-time unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, claimed the 28th spot on the list, amassing $53 million in earnings.

Surprisingly, Joshua surpassed current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, who was notably absent from the list. It is worth mentioning that Fury was featured on the highest-paid athlete list in 2022, accumulating $62 million in earnings.

However, his current lack of activity and failure to secure a fight with notable opponents likely impacted his exclusion from the latest rankings.

Fan’s Take to Twitter After Tyson Fury was Snubbed in Forbes List

Tyson faced disappointment in terms of earnings as he failed to secure a spot on the lucrative list. Furthermore, his reputation as the heavyweight division’s biggest draw came under scrutiny when his fellow boxer, Anthony Joshua, managed to secure a place.

This news prompted fans to take to Twitter and troll Fury for his absence.

Fury faced criticism from fans regarding alleged falsehoods about his donations and mocked him for his purported outrageous PPV shares. Additionally, fans called him out for allegedly underpaying his opponents.

Amidst the trolling, some users did congratulate Canelo and Joshua for being the only boxers to make the list.

Fans heavily criticized the British boxer for purportedly underpaying other fighters on his card. While some fans still hold hope that Fury will earn more from his upcoming fight, it has been announced that his bout with Oleksandr Usyk has been called off.

Tyson Fury

One of the main reasons cited for the fight’s cancellation was Fury’s demand for a higher percentage of PPV shares.

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