NBA community reacts to Klay Thompson playing power forward in Draymond Green’s absence

The Golden State Warriors Shooting Guard Klay Thompson will have a big role to play this season. The four times NBA champion and five-time NBA all-star will have to step up and take his game to the next level although contract negotiations between Klay and the Warriors have not seen any advancement.

Klay Thompson has just had a full season without suffering from any major injuries for the first time since the 2018-2019 season. It is important for Klay to remain healthy and in form to support his team. Both his team and his fans will be rooting for Klay as the Warriors ace is set to play a certain role in the coming days.

Steve Kerr plans to have Klay Thompson defend power forward

In the absence of their team’s elite and best defender Draymond Green, Klay Thompson has been chosen to fill his shoes.

Draymond is expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks and would possibly return to the court around early or Mid-November, as he is suffering from an ankle injury. The warriors badly need Draymond and his excellent defense but will have to manage without him for around a month or more. Green told Andscape that he “dodged a bullet” with his injury. 

Green’s absence will complicate things more as they will also be incorporating some new faces, including Chris Paul. The Warriors coach Steve Kerr has a plan to help Klay adjust to the defensive end without Draymond. Kerr said “We’re thinking Klay can guard as a four this year. We’ll put him in coverage where he’s having to defend pick-and-roll as a four. That would be a different job for him. We’re planning on doing some of that and see how he does.”

Although at this moment it can’t be predicted whether this plan will work out or not, but it can be said that it will be a tough and stressful job for Klay. The Golden State Warriors acquired power forward Dario Saric in the offseason. They also drafted Trayce Jackson who is a skilled rebounder and great rim protector. Besides them, the Golden State will also receive help from Gary Payton II another guard who is used to guarding bigger players. Fans might get to see this trio play extended minutes as Draymond recovers from his injury.

NBA community reacts to Klay Thompson’s new PF role

The decision about Thompson’s new role as a PF met with a lot of criticism from fans. They don’t believe that Klay would be able to guard power forwards in the league.

Another fan posted a meme reacting to the news with the caption, “All PFs above 6’7 when they matchup against Klay Thompson”

Another argued that Steve Kerr got Klay Thompson’s reference to 4 wrong, “No Klay was saying he has 4 rings, not saying he wants to guard 4’s, I think Steve Kerr misunderstood the 4’s reference”

They joked about Klay being made to guard someone like Victor Wembanyama, expected to play as the power forward in San Antonio this season.

What are your thoughts about Klay playing as a PF? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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