NFL analyst sees promising Commanders future for QB Sam Howell Under OC Eric Bieniemy

A revered analyst, known for his uncanny foresight, envisions a radiant future for the young quarterback Sam Howell, skillfully nurtured under the brilliant guidance of offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

As an esteemed NFL analyst with a keen eye for high-powered offenses, former head coach Mike Martz knows a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the league. With a background that spans college and professional coaching, Martz has a wealth of experience developing quarterbacks and orchestrating potent offensive schemes.

Sam Howell

Having recently reviewed the tape on Washington Commanders’ quarterback Sam Howell, the NFL analyst sees tremendous potential in the young signal-caller, particularly when paired with the offensive prowess of Eric Bieniemy, the team’s new offensive coordinator.

Martz Analyzed the performances of Sam Howell

Martz began his analysis by scrutinizing the quarterback’s college performances, focusing on his arm strength and ability to thread the needle in tight coverage situations, even against the challenging Cover 2 defense. He also recognized the quarterback’s physical prowess, specifically his powerful legs, which provide an added dimension to his game. 

While the former head coach pointed out a few mistakes in Howell’s college tape, he firmly believes that these errors are coachable and stem from a desire to make something happen rather than any inherent physical or mental limitations. According to the former head coach, Sam’s growth will come from learning when to let go of a play and avoid unnecessary risks.

Sam Howell

Transitioning to Howell’s lone NFL start against the Dallas Cowboys, the former head coach observed significant improvements in areas that were concerns in college. Despite facing a lackluster offensive line that failed to provide adequate protection, the quarterback demonstrated poise by remaining in the pocket and delivering accurate throws. 

He was particularly impressed by Howell’s quick decision-making and precise execution on a crucial throw to wide receiver Jahan Dotson. In addition, he praised his ability to manipulate defenders with his eyes and shoulders, showcasing his aptitude for deep passes, such as the impressive completion to Terry McLaurin.

Martz acknowledges that Howell had some sloppy habits in college, but he firmly believes that these issues are fixable. 

Eric Bieniemy’s expertise will greatly benefit Sam Howell’s development 

Sam Howell

When it comes to Sam’s fit with new offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, the former head coach sees a significant advantage. Drawing upon Bieniemy’s experience in working with Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, Martz believes that the coordinator’s expertise and attention to detail will greatly benefit the quarterback’s development. 

He describes Bieniemy as a hard-nosed individual who prioritizes doing things right, which aligns perfectly with what Sam needs at this stage of his career. 

In conclusion, Mike Martz is optimistic about Sam Howell’s future as a quarterback in the NFL. Having carefully reviewed his performances in college and his impressive debut in the professional ranks, the NFL analyst believes that the quarterback possesses the physical talents and potential to succeed. With the guidance of Eric Bieniemy as the team’s offensive coordinator, Martz envisions Howell taking significant strides in his development and becoming a formidable force in the league. 

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