“No one even knows who you are”: Chase DeMoor get heavy backlash for his video on UFC legend Nate Diaz

Chase DeMoor didn’t have a great weekend as he suffered a disqualification loss for continuously punching a downed opponent at the Misfits 006 PPV that took place in New Orleans. Not only did he lose the fight but he also faces a one-year suspension from Misfits for his actions during the bout.

Following his controversial defeat, Chase DeMoor was involved in a ringside altercation with Nate Diaz. Thereafter the two stars had to be separated by security. However, the “Too Hot to Handle” star was unhappy with Nate Diaz attacking him ringside. Consequently, the influencer boxer called out Nate Diaz and challenged him to fight inside a cage in a video on Twitter.

Fans react to Chase DeMoor dissing Nate Diaz on Twitter

After Nate Diaz and his teammates attacked Chase DeMoor outside the Misfits 006 event that took place in New Orleans, the social media influencer posted a series of tweets dissing The Stockton Slugger. However, Chase DeMoor received a lot of backlash from fans for one of his videos on Diaz on Twitter. Here are some reactions from fans on the social media platform.

Chase is currently facing a lot of heat from fans as well as a lot of analysts for his recent disqualification loss against Stevie Knight. Following the release of MamsTaylor’s statement of banning the 26-year-old from competing at Misfits for a year, it seems highly unlikely that any other organization would also allow him to box.

His ongoing controversy with Nate Diaz is not helping his case with the public as they are condemning the football player on social media. DeMoor has apologized for his actions at the Misfits 006 event.  The social media influencer seems to have moved on from that fight and is currently going back and forth with Josh Brueckner.

It would be interesting to see if he gets his wish and if his ban is revoked by Misfits and they make this matchup. Do let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on Chase DeMoor’s altercation with Nate and his controversial DQ loss at Misfits 006.


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