OF Model Turned Boxer Daniella Hemsley Alleges She Received Permission from Kingpyn Authorities to Flash Her Breasts in the Ring After Winning

Daniella Hemsley is a well-known figure who gained prominence as a model and content creator on the platform OnlyFans. Her boxing career has been marked by its unconventional and controversial nature. Hemsley’s choice to embrace the sport of boxing, typically associated with athleticism and discipline, served as a testament to her determination to explore new avenues and challenge societal norms.

However, in a recent shocking revelation, Hemsley has claimed that she received official permission from Kingpyn authorities to perform a provocative act in the boxing ring after her recent victory. This news has spread like a wildfire as fans now question the integrity of the sport while promotions like these exist.

Daniella Hemsley Claims Kingpyn Approved Her B**b Flash

Daniella Hemsley, known for her explicit content on OnlyFans, transitioned into the world of professional boxing, where she recently secured a significant victory in a high-profile match against Ms. Danielka. What followed, however, was a highly controversial post-fight celebration that was seen for the very first time in the history of the sport.

After the victory, Hemsley was overcome with joy as she flashed her b**bs to the live camera in the ring as the victory celebration. This gesture was not taken well by the authorities and she was banned. However, in a social media post that quickly went viral, Daniella has claimed that she had obtained permission from a Kingpyn promoter to perform a “viral risqué” act in the boxing ring after her win.

She also leaked the messages and voice notes from the chat with the promoter from Kingpyn boxing. The texts clearly showed the individual writing: “It’s about viral risqué clips” as he explained how these controversial moments can help shape her career. The individual was also seen suggesting her to do this act in the ring in the same chat.

Daniella Hemsley Discloses Kingpyn Official Is Now Blackmailing Her

The controversy surrounding Daniella Hemsley’s post-fight celebration expectedly took a dark turn when she disclosed that a Kingpyn official, whose identity remains undisclosed, is now attempting to blackmail her. Hemsley claims that this official is now constantly calling her and sternly telling her not to reveal his name.

In a statement released on her social media accounts, Hemsley stated, “A few days later, I had the promoter frantically calling me and calling me, blackmailing me on the phone, saying ‘If anyone finds out that I gave you permission, then I’m gonna lose custody of my 12 year old child I’ve been trying to get for the past 3 years’ “

What do you think is going to happen after this to Daniella Hemsley? Do you think she is being truthful in these allegations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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