Olexsandr Usyk hilariously mocked by fans after training session video goes viral

Since August of 2022 after defeating Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk has not entered the ring. The undefeated heavyweight was planning on facing Tyson Fury to open the year. Whether the fight occurs or not, Usyk continued to train. To demonstrate his dedication, the Ukrainian boxer posted a video of himself working out, but this backfired when fans began to jeer Usyk.

The initial date for the bout between Fury and Usyk was April 29. Unfortunately, despite four months of discussions, neither the British nor the Ukrainian boxer’s sides were successful in coming to a settlement.

According to the most recent information, the highly awaited fight that boxing fans have been waiting for months is now in limbo, and it is unclear whether the fight will ultimately take place this year.

How did fans react to the training session video of Oleksandr Usyk?

Michael Benson, a British boxing promoter, posted a little clip of Usyk working out hard at the gym. But, the brief 9-second clip appeared to send The Cat fans into a frenzy as the heavyweight appeared to be moving too slowly to compete with Fury.

Dean Rangeley says with this training, Usyk has no chance against The Gypsy King as he commented, “Fury ices him inside 6”

“Lol people will look at a 2-second clip like this and have a whole hour breakdown on why he would lose or win based on a 2-second clip.” Shain Issa commented. 

Another user commented, “Can’t even the whether the second punch is a hook or what, too fast.”

Paul is among those who see no chance for the undefeated boxer (20-0-0) as he said, “He’s had a few fights at hw and he won but who did he cause a problem to with his power let’s be honest none of them he’s got skills but no power how does he beat fury he can’t.” 

Professional Opinari made a philosophical comment when he said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” 

Someone absolutely mocked the Ukrainian boxer by saying, “It’s like a gate, open and close. Makes that move look easy.” 

“Anyone else getting the feeling this “collapse” is more and more a big show to “crank up the hype” ? ” said Lodge Rebel. 

A fan of Usyk however posted something good about The Cat saying, “The “middleweight” that out-boxed Joshua for 24 rds and made Fury run away from the chance of becoming undisputed. ”

“Not impressed !! Pretty soft for a pro heavyweight.” said another user named Blaze.

A user absolutely took a jab at the 2012 Olympics gold medal winner by saying, “Ducked Fury just like he dodged the military draft while real Ukrainian men are sent out to fight for their country.”

What is your opinion about the Usyk training footage?

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