One concerning expert advice Mike Tyson must follow prolong lifespan

It is one of the hardest feelings a sports fan has to endure when they see a legend of the game, whom they have always looked up to, perform even after their prime is long gone and suffer devastating losses. This is why the supporters of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson are worried about him as he prepares to take on Jake Paul in a match in July, at 58 years of age.

Ahead of the scheduled bout, fans are not only left wondering how Tyson will look on fight night but also the implications that the fight will have on his health. The uncertainty among fans has risen even higher following an expert doctor’s serious warning about Tyson’s health.

Medical expert issues warning for Mike Tyson ahead of Jake Paul fight

Tyson has kicked off his training camp for Jake Paul and as of yet, the boxing legend looks to be in inspiring shape for how old he is. The thunderous speed, impeccable movement, and immense power that Tyson used to showcase in his glory days are apparently still somewhere within him. His training footage has been making him look so fresh that critics are not counting out his chances of shocking the world against Paul.

But no matter how good the boxing icon looks, it is still established that he should not be fighting at this age, as training and stepping in the ring to be hit by a trained killer are two completely different ballgames, especially when your opponent is 31 years younger than you.

A senior lecturer in medicine at Anglia Ruskin University, Stephen Hughes emphasized on all the potential threats to Tyson’s welfare. He referred to the boxing great’s alcohol problem that surfaced after he retired and talked about the considerable impact it might have on Tyson. He said, “Alcoholism is known to accelerate brain shrinkage, and it appears that Tyson has this as a past risk factor.” He also issued a chilling warning, as he stated that the 58-year-old even faces cardiac risks as a result of training beyond his capabilities and especially stepping in to fight.

Mike Tyson’s back problems

Mike Tyson has fought in over 57 professional matches in his career, all of which took a toll on him after he left the game. During the course of his career, he suffered some notable injuries like a broken back. His unfazed attitude as well as his sheer will to never back out might turn out backfiring on the legend, which is the last thing any boxing fan would want to see. Just one year ago, Tyson was noticed in a wheelchair and with a cane as his health kept deteriorating and his back problems elevated.

A month ago, the legend also revealed that he suffers from sciatica, which is a condition where the nerve that runs from your lower back to your feet is irritated or compressed. Choosing to fight despite all the hurdles that have presented themselves is not surprising for a larger-than-life figure such as Tyson, although it cannot be argued that such a decision turns out to be dreadful.

Time waits for no one and it is a natural progression for the legends of a sport to eventually recognize when their time is over and ride off into the sunset, no matter how hard it is. Denying to accept such a reality has mostly been seen as not working out for athletes, especially fighters.


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