“Pro wrestling has been my family’s saviour”: The Rock discloses that his bond with daughter became better through WWE

In a recent interview, renowned WWE legend, The Rock, shared how professional wrestling played a crucial role in bringing his family closer together. Although rumors circulated about a potential showdown between The Great One and Roman Reigns for the highly coveted Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39, the matchup never materialized. Instead, Cody Rhodes emerged victorious in the Royal Rumble match, earning his spot in the main event. However, The American Nightmare fell short against The Tribal Chief.

The Rock

During a conversation on The Pivot podcast with former NFL stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor, and Ryan Clark, The Brahma Bull revealed that wrestling has been instrumental in maintaining a strong bond with his family, especially now that his daughter, Simone Johnson (known as Ava Raine in NXT), has also embarked on a career in professional wrestling.

“When Simone was born, I was juggling multiple commitments, wrestling full-time while transitioning into full-time acting. I had a lot going on, so I like to say that Simone and I grew up together. We had a relationship where I was frequently away, but we always made efforts to stay connected. Now, as she pursues her own path as a pro wrestler, it has actually brought us even closer. In a way, wrestling has been a savior for my family, helping to strengthen our relationship,” he explained.

The Rock is now a major Hollywood star.

In another wrestling-related revelation, Zelina Vega recently shared that she once contemplated leaving the business behind. However, The Rock played a pivotal role in dissuading her from taking such a drastic step.

The Rock: Wrestling’s Impact on Family Bonds and Wrestlers’ Careers

The 32-year-old superstar faced the biggest match of her career at WWE Backlash, where she challenged Rhea Ripley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. With her mother in attendance, Vega fell short in the match but received an overwhelming response from the enthusiastic crowd in Puerto Rico.

WWE Sell THe Rock 2023

During a recent interview on Busted Open Radio, Vega opened up about her struggles and revealed that she had considered quitting the industry after her seventh attempt to join WWE. It was at this critical juncture that The Rock offered her valuable advice, which ultimately proved to be a turning point in her career. Vega expressed her deep gratitude towards The Rock, emphasizing the profound impact his words had on her journey.

“Transitioning from that low point to training at the Performance Center has been an absolute dream come true. If I hadn’t confided in him [The Rock], if I hadn’t shared my doubts, I wouldn’t be living this dream today. It’s astonishing to think that these small moments can change everything. I owe him a great deal, and it’s truly mindblowing to consider how a single instance could have altered the entire course of my life,” Vega remarked.

While the dream match between The Rock and Roman Reigns remains a possibility, only time will reveal whether The People’s Champion and The Tribal Chief will finally face off in the squared circle.

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