PSG boss Christophe Galtier denies friction between Lionel Messi-Kylian Mbappe, after Emiliano Martinez mocked French star in presence of Argentina’s World Cup captain

As club football resumes after a thrilling world Cup, Christophe Galtier faces a monumental challenge to lead his side to success. However, it appears that this is not the only problem that needs to be solved because Mbappe and Messi will soon be reunited.

Much to Galtier’s concern, Emi Martinez’s mocking of Mbappe undoubtedly added  fuel to the fire as rumors stated that there is a gap between the two Paris superstars.

Galtier, however, has other ideas, stating that the rumor is completely false and that Messi and Mbappe still has love for each other.

“I would focus on the relationship between them. It wasn’t Leo Messi winding anybody else up. What I saw after the final, what I have experienced, is there is no reason to mix these things up because the goalkeeper’s behaviour is down to him.”- Galtier said

“What matters to me is the relationship between the players. Kylian Mbappe had a very good attitude, despite losing. Of course, he was very disappointed, but he did that in a classy way. He congratulated Leo Messi and that is a very good thing for the club and for the team.”- he further added.

Despite the fact that, Mbappe had the most goals scored in the tournament, Lionel Messi triumphed on the intense competition while both  battling valiantly for their country.

The game’s conclusion was decided on penalties, where Emi Martinez displayed heroism after the two PSG teammates were the outstanding players who  demonstrated their value with a magical performance on the big stage.

As far as it was the final day of World Cup, everything was like a fairy tale story and smooth, but not the aftermaths happened during the Argentine’s trophy celebration parade.

Emi Martinez was seen holding a baby doll faced Mbappe while mocking him in a vulgar way and that too with Messi by his side left the PSG camp worried.

The two superstars’ approaches to one  another when they reunite  at their club will be subject to watch, and Galtier might need to become the adviser as he frequently does for his squad.

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