Ryan Garcia claims Jake Paul will get “beat up” by Floyd Mayweather in boxing bout following altercation in Miami

Ryan Garcia is set to face Gervonta Davis. With a lot going on his mind, after being ruffled by Davis in two pre-match press conferences, he was asked about the Jake Paul-Floyd Mayweather Jr dispute. He, with his candor, predicted that Floyd would probably “beat Jake up.”

What happened between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather?

Jake Paul has been in a recurring feud with Floyd Mayweather Jr. In the last episode of the rocky relationship, Jake ran into Floyd Mayweather and his crew, only to run away from the scene hastily. “The problem child” later addressed the issue on social media, as he always does regarding any issue. He claimed that “he was not dumb enough” to further indulge Floyd Mayweather when he was trying to jump on him with fifty other guys.

However, Jake issued an open challenge to Floyd in a fair fight. This call-out has ignited rumors of these two duking it out. Floyd Mayweather Jr is currently on an exhibition tour, about which he was visibly frustrated due to low attendance. “Money” may just respond to Jake’s call as he himself is riled up, and is not exactly a fan of the Paul brothers.

How does Ryan Garcia feel about a speculated boxing match between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather?

This brought the question of their fight, to which Ryan Garcia had to respond in a conversation with TMZ. Despite being friends with Jake Paul, King Ry offered his two cents in favor of Floyd Mayweather Jr. He thinks that Floyd Mayweather will mess Jake Paul up if these two lock horns.

However, Ryan Garcia acknowledged Jake Paul as a better fighter than his brother Jake Paul, which is why Garcia feels that the speculated fight will go the distance. Even though Floyd has an edge over Jake Paul, Garcia thinks Floyd can’t knock Jake out. Garcia’s assumption is solely based on the fact that Floyd could not knock Logan Paul out back in 2021, and he certainly can’t do so to someone of Jake Paul’s stature and technique.

Ryan Garcia also chimed in on the entire fiasco. And as assumed, he took the side of his friend. He was not a big fan of Floyd Mayweather squaring Jake Paul up with a big crew.

Ryan Garcia
Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr face to face

Whatever he feels about his friend, Garcia will have to clear that up from his mind as he has his own fight to think about. “Tank” Davis has declared that he will knock Garcia out in the seventh or eighth round. Garcia will be desperate to prevent that and keep up his winning streak.


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