Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna: Results + Full Fight Video Highlights

Ryan Garcia took on Javier Fortuna in a highly anticipated bout that fans had been mulling over for months!

In his second outing as a light welterweight, Ryan Garcia made relatively easy work of Javier Fortuna as the young prodigy picked up a knockout victory. Garcia knocked down his opponent consecutively in rounds 4,5 and 6 and eventually picked up the stoppage. 

Former super-featherweight WBA (regular) champion Fortuna plainly struggled against Garcia’s speed and range as the youthful prodigy picked him apart at whim.

The first few rounds of the fight were very competitive, with Garcia edging the Dominican in the first three rounds. His speed and the accuracy of his jabs were very difficult to keep with for Fortuna, who despite adjusting to the pace of Garcia, never really looked totally at ease with the tempo.

But things started to go downhill from there for Fortuna. We will have a look at from the fourth round:

Round 4

Despite being able to somewhat weather the storm in the first three rounds, the intensity showed by Garcia eventually paid dividends in the fourth round as he scored the first knockdown of the match with a left hook to the body. He set up the hook with a series of punches. Fortuna’s mouthpiece fell off, and he had to take several seconds to recover.  For the rest of the round, he had to stay in survival mode as Garcia was always looking for the killer blow.

Round 5

While Fortuna might have been hoping for different fortunes in the next round, it was the Garcia who still dominated this round. With 1:49 left to go in the round,  Garcia scored another knockdown when he destabilize the senses of Javier Fortuna with a sneaky left hook. Fortuna has a delayed reaction when he drops to the canvas. The crowd went absolutely wild. The end could be nearing. Was this a sign of thing to come?

Round 6

If you had bet on Ryan Garcia to win by the 6th round, then congratulations cause you just made a lot of money!

Ryan Garcia used a two-punch combination that began with a straight right hand and ended with a left hook to drop Javier Fortuna. 27 seconds into the round, Fortuna spits out his mouthpiece, and referee Jerry Cantu stops the bout. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth rounds of the fight, Garcia submitted Fortuna.
Garcia used his agility and power to get the fight into high gear after it got off to a relatively sluggish and slow start in order to achieve the statement knockout he was going for.

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