“Some of us still want to fight”: Seth Rollins slams WWE universal champion Roman Reigns as new World Heavyweight Championship belt up for grabs

The realm of professional wrestling is known for its cutthroat pursuit of championship titles, leading to strained relationships among even the closest of comrades. Such was the scenario when Seth Rollins, a previous WWE titleholder, verbally attacked Roman Reigns, the current WWE Universal Champion, during a recent interview.

Seth Rollins

Both wrestlers share a lengthy history, having been part of the Shield, a prominent wrestling faction that reigned supreme in WWE some years ago. Nevertheless, Rollins’ recent remarks imply that there could be some unresolved bitterness between them.

Logan Paul
Seth Rollins humiliated Logan Paul at the Wrestlemania

During the interview, Rollins disparaged Reigns for his conceited demeanor, stating that he had “forgotten the essence of being a champion.” Additionally, he asserted that the newly debuted World Heavyweight Championship belt in WWE was available to be claimed, and that he was fully prepared to take advantage of the chance to reclaim a championship title.

Seth Rollins Challenges Roman Reigns for New Title, Fueling Fierce WWE Rivalry

Such remarks are bound to provoke Reigns and his supporters, who consider him as one of the most dominant and imposing champions in WWE’s past. Nevertheless, Rollins has consistently been recognized for his trash-talking and his readiness to exceed limits to advance his career.

Seth Rollins

The outcome in the ring remains to be seen if Rollins can match his assertions and clinch the title of the new World Heavyweight Champion. However, it is certain that a heated rivalry is in the making between these two wrestlers, and fans of WWE globally will be watching with great anticipation to see who will emerge victorious.

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