Steve Belichick hilariously shades Bill Belichick with ‘unemployed’ joke at Washington unveil

Steve Belichick is striving hard to prove himself in the NFL world and not be known only as the son of Bill Belichick. However, still during his recent press conference, Steve was asked questions about his father, who was unarguably one of the best coaches in the NFL at one time. 

The 37-year-old son of Bill replied with a hilarious comment about his father and throwing a joking jab at his unemployment. 

Steve Belichick reveals one key difference between him and his father

On Wednesday, Steve Belichick attended a press conference to announce a new venture in his career. During the conference, he was asked about the differences between him and his father. 

Steve replied that a key difference between him and his father is that he is employed, and his father isn’t. 

“I got a job, and he doesn’t,” Steve Belichick said as the crowd laughed. “He knows that.”

Bill Belichick was known as one of the best coaches in the NFL. Unfortunately, in recent years, his team’s performance declined to the extent that the Patriots ended the 2023 season with the worst record under his coaching. 

To save the future of the Patriots, Bill Belichick has been fired. He was expected to sign with a new team this offseason, but the former HC is still unemployed. 

It was reported that he has been pressured to join the media instead, but Bill Belichick is adamant about returning to his coaching job.

Steve Belichick
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Steve Belichick made a joke about his father’s unemployment just to make the environment lighter. He then praised his father and acknowledged that he looked up to him.

“I look up to my dad. He’s a mentor to me. But I’m myself,” Steve Belichick added.

Steve learns from his father but he is creating his own name and legacy in the NFL world as he has recently started a new chapter of his career. 

Where is Steve Belichick’s currently at?

Steve Belichick has joined the Washington Huskies as their defensive coordinator for the 2024 season. He will join head coach Jedd Fisch’s staff after spending 12 seasons with the Patriots. 

Steve was on the defensive coaching staff of the Patriots and got a chance to learn from his father, who was the HC of the team. 

He worked as the defensive play caller for the team for four years (2020–23). Steve also coached the linebackers of the team during 2022–2023. He started as a defensive assistant (2012–15), then coached safeties (2016–18), and then worked with the team’s defensive backs (2019).

Steve Belichick

In 2023, Steve Belichick helped lead a defense that ranked third in the NFL in opponent yards per play (4.7) and sixth in total defense, allowing 301.6 yards per game. The team also ranked No. 3 in rushing defense and 10th in passing defense.

However, like Bill Belichick, Steve has also parted ways with the New England Patriots this season. He was publicly announced as a Washington Huskies coaching staff member on Wednesday. 

Coaching a college team will be a new experience for Steve, as he directly started in the NFL in 2012 on his father’s staff. This is a chance for him to thrive on himself and make his name without his father’s involvement.

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