Steven Robinson turns the tide against all odds in fourth round by knocking down Nick Campbell, wins by TKO

Nick Campbell had an undefeated run in his boxing career with 5 consecutive wins. Training with legends like Tyson Fury was expected to make him even better as a fighter. So, in the Steven Robinson vs Nick Campbell match “The Glasgow Warrior” was a clear favorite, but everyone was in for a surprise.

Steven Robinson is a boxer who knew all too well what an undefeated career looked like. He had a four-fight winning streak until he lost to Shane Gill on February 5th, 2022 via decision. It turns out, Steven was all too willing to impart the experience to the then-undefeated Nick.

Robinson managed to pick up a win against Phil Williams via a decision to put himself back on track. But Campbell who was won all his previous fights via KO/TKO was logically seen as a clear favorite against a decision fighter like Steven ‘Ivan Drago’ Robinson.

The fight kicked off pretty much the way everyone expected. Nick dominated the English fighter pretty much one-sidedly. Steven’s only form of defense was seemingly the ‘block with your face’ tactic which isn’t saying much. Many fans thought it was a matter of time before the fight was called.

In the fourth round, something changed! ‘Drago’ seemed to harness a newfound energy as he brought the fight to the Scottish. Continuous ‘bombs’ landed on Campbell who seemed rocked and unable to come up with any counter. The referee finally decided to step in and end the fight.

In the post-fight interview, Robinson delivered a heartfelt interview where he tried to inspire all the people left behind in life, the ones who were told they would never amount to anything and the ones lacking self-belief.

This victory opens up potential fights against stronger opponents but many fans want to see a rematch.

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