The 2022 FIFA World Cup’s breakout talent of Croatia expected to join Barcelona soon

Croatia has recently been flying high in spirit as they prepare for their second consecutive Fifa World Cup semifinal. Some of their players have gone under the radar of Europe’s top clubs, with Barcelona hoping to sign one of Croatia’s top performers.

Juranovic played one of the best games of his career as he was exceptional against Brazil that too of in a World Cup quarter-final. He has been outstanding throughout the tournament, making him a strong contender to shake up the transfer market in the upcoming mid-season window.

Barcelona are lacking in potential in full back position as Hector Ballerin and Marcos Alonso seemed to be struggling in recent games as they have been eliminated from the UCL and demoted to UEL.

Barcelona is understandably looking for a full back coverage, and the Celtic man could be gold in terms of experience based on recent performances.

Prior to the World Cup, Celtic set Juranovic’s market value at around $5 million, which could rise further given his recent performance.

Former Celtic defender Chris Sutton believes Celtic will surely capitalize the situation and even try to keep the starman to their side.

In a recent interview he said, “Juranovic’s performance against Brazil was seen across the world. Why shouldn’t Celtic be able to ask for big money?

I believe they should try to keep him until next summer as he’s such an important player and Celtic have a title to be secure. But, if circumstances dictate that he is to go next month, it should be for a premium rate.”

The 27-year-old joined Celtic from Legia Warsaw in 2021 on a £2.5 million transfer. He has played 50 matches for Celtic, registering six goals and three assists.

It remains to be seen whether Barcelona will seize the opportunity to sign the star player.

Croatia will face Argentina in the semifinals on December 13th at Qatar’s Lusail Iconic Stadium. Juranovic will be hoping for the same kind of impact to carry the silverwing forward.

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