‘The Hurricane just took out the Power but not the water’ Puerto Rican Boxers voice fears as Country faces flooding threat from Hurricane Fiona

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been experiencing climate catastrophe throughout this year. Pollution and carbon emissions are at an all-time high in this age of globalization. Droughts, wildfires, floods, storms, and tornadoes are all too typical these days.

With a few exceptions, most nations have experienced a significant loss of resources as a result of these natural disasters. Major droughts and wildfires have occurred in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and other parts of Europe throughout this catastrophe-driven age. On the other side of the planet, areas like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and parts of Asia have seen significant flooding as a result of a lot of rain.

Puerto Rico was not as fortunate, despite the fact that the rest of North American countries managed to avoid being noticed by the nefarious eye of climate change. The island has been battered by a hurricane twice in the last five years, maybe as a result of it being a coastline nation. Hurricane Fiona was responsible for Puerto Rico’s devastating floods. The majority of the island’s population is still without electricity as a result of the storm’s destruction of the electrical grid in most areas.

President of the United States Joe Biden has proclaimed a state of emergency following the deaths of two people as a result of the increasing water levels. Puerto Rican athletes have also expressed their gratitude and support for their indigenous people.

Amanda Serrano, the Unified Featherweight champion and holder of the Guinness World Record, came forward to express her sympathy for the victims of the tragic floods. She said that the nation was suffering from severe flooding and expressed her optimism that everyone would be safe once this had passed.

Xander Yarob Zayas Castro, a budding star, also expressed his opinions on the catastrophe. “My town suffers again the envate of the nature, but if something we know how to do it is to stand up no matter how strong the blow is. I hope to be home as soon as possible helping my people in any way I can.”

Edgar Berlanga Jr., another prominent boxer from Puerto Rico, also shared his thoughts online. He claimed that even though the electricity had been turned off, water was still present. He also expressed his prayers for the impacted folks. He thought the hurricane ought to have moved on and taken the water with it.

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