“The Swift cap”: Fans shower Taylor Swift with love after NFL reveals reason behind $255.4 million salary cap

The NFL salary cap has seen a record percent increase for 2024. The league announced that this year the salary cap will be $255.4 million per team. It is a 13.6 percent increase over last year’s cap.

This sudden increase of $30.6 million in the NFL salary cap is due to several reasons, with fans highlighting one personality as the major reason. 

NFL release statement after $255.4 million salary cap announced

After it was announced that this year’s NFL salary cap will be $255.4 million, the league also released a statement citing the reasons behind this increase.

NFL salary cap
Via NFL.com

According to the NFL, there are two major reasons they were able to increase the salary cap. First, the teams have fully repaid loans they took out to guarantee players were paid their full salaries during the pandemic-affected 2020 season.

NFL salary cap growth is completely dependent on the league’s revenue growth, which was limited in 2022 and 2023 because the repayment of those benefits was subtracted from the final calculations. Now that they have increased the NFL salary cap, it shows that the league’s revenue has increased.

The second reason the league cited was “an extraordinary increase in media revenue.”

They didn’t mention Taylor Swift’s name, but it is evident that she was responsible for higher viewership this year.

The NFL saw a surge in female viewers, with a lot of Swifties turning into the NFL fans and watching all the games just to see Taylor Swift rooting for boyfriend, Travis Kelce. It helped the league experience a boost in overall viewership and increased media revenue.

Fans claim Taylor Swift being real reason behind salary cap increase

Fans on social media platforms, such as Twitter, have attributed Taylor Swift as the real reason behind the increase in the NFL salary cap. They expressed gratitude towards Swift and humorously credited her for the salary cap increase through comments like “SwiftCap.”

One fan humorously suggested that Swift’s influence on the NFL’s revenue growth is so significant that it has a positive impact on families’ livelihoods.

“Taylor Swift out here feeding families.”

Another tweet expressed thanks to Swift for her perceived role in the NFL salary cap increase.

“Thank you Taylor Swift.”

Fans’ posts expressed both gratitude and amusement at Taylor Swift’s perceived role in this significant development within the NFL. Taylor’s effect on the NFL has been evident throughout the last season and fans made sure to highlight that despite the league not officially crediting her.

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