“They need it once in a while”: Adrien Broner’s brutal confession of physically beating his kids

Adrien Broner is one of the most prolific boxers hailing from the USA. Dominating four separate weight classes, he clinched numerous titles in his career. His return to the ring is highly anticipated for this very reason.

However, the wait has taken a bleak turn as the welterweight made an outrageous revelation. Broner let the world know that he resorts to physical punishment to reprimand his children.

The American boxer was scheduled to lock horns with Micheal Williams Junior. After an unfortunate broken jaw, Williams drew out of that fight on February 25. Broner then went on to sign with the legendary Don King. Since then he has set his sights on the earliest possible return to the ring. He even expressed his desire to get back to title fights.

Adrien Broner
Adrien Broner signed with Don King

Adrien Broner made a shocking revelation regarding his children

As the fans were poised to see him return, he shocked them to an incredible extent. Broner shared on his Instagram that he used means of physical punishment on his children from time to time. He even deemed it necessary on certain occasions.

Broner, however, claimed that he loved his children very much. He, in fact, started saying that he tries to refrain from taking out his anger on his children in any sort of physical way. Then again, he thinks it is the last resort for him when it comes to disciplining his kids.

Adrien Broner
Adrien Broner’s statement came as a shock as he is seen spending a lot of time with his kids

The boxer previously posted a video where he made his children settle their differences by sparring it out. As he enjoys his time with his children, he values it highly. While his championships are precious to him, he values his children the most. Which is why fans found this message to be perplexing.

On the other hand, Broner put in an extra yard to explain himself. He said that physical punishment was essential – “when they started smelling themselves.” Fans were baffled by this statement as well. It is unclear what he meant by “smelling’ in this regard.

With a stellar record of 34-4-1, Broner’s plans to return are still in the mix. Since 2019 he has fought only twice. After his loss against Manny Pacquiao at that time, he got back on his feet with a victory against Jovanie Santiago. And the boxer will probably look to stretch that win and make it a streak.

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