“This man works harder than Ben Simmons”: Fans ecstatic as Shane McMahon back in gym with NFL player Derrick Henry after WrestleMania accident

Shane McMahon, a WWE wrestler who recently tore his quad at WrestleMania 39, has returned to the gym for rehab exercises. 

In a video posted on Tuesday, Shane can be seen performing a series of workouts with Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry. Henry was also accompanied by his famous athletic trainer Melvin Sanders. Also present was Luke Miller, the physical therapist of Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott. 

During the WrestleMania event, Shane was slated to face The Miz. But the match was called off after he tore his quadriceps. Snoop Dogg, who was present during the event, stepped in and fought The Miz in place of Shane, ultimately winning the match.

What are fans saying about Shane McMahon?

Shane McMahon

The WrestleMania incident left many fans worried and anxious about Shane McMahon’s well-being. But now that he has returned to the gym, the fans have erupted with excitement and admiration for the veteran wrestler.

On Instagram, fans have been expressing their support and encouragement for McMahon’s return. One fan was quick to point out his dedication and hard work. He compared him to basketball star Ben Simmons. 

“No excuse….this man works harder than Bin Simmons”

Another fan went a step further, calling for McMahon to be the next Chairman of WWE. He cited his exceptional skills and experience.

“What an excellent champion you are Shane McMahon You should be the next Chairman of WWE That’s for sure You deserve this Chairman post more than anyone.”

But it wasn’t just about McMahon’s professional achievements. Fans were also delighted to see their favorite wrestler back in action, ready to take on new challenges and reclaim his place in the ring. One fan expressed their enthusiasm for McMahon’s comeback. And another simply called him a machine – a testament to his unwavering determination and commitment to his craft.

With so much love and support from his fans, McMahon’s return to the gym is not just a personal victory. But a triumph for the entire WWE community. And as he continues to push himself to new heights, the fans will be there every step of the way. They will be cheering him on and celebrating his successes.


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