Tom Brady takes a jab at Cristiano Ronaldo for being too old “He’s getting kind of old”

The evergreen NFL star Tom Brady has been dominating the field for over two decades. Athletes like him do not weigh down due to their advancing age. On that note, Brady is rather chill about his age and doesn’t mind having a good laugh while condemning the haters.

The World Cup kicked off on Sunday, Nov. 20, but Tom Brady found a way to steal the show like always. For the event’s promotion, a commercial with Brady ran, which made fans laugh. Brady is shown in the advertisement watching 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo score a goal for team Portugal while he watches it on TV. “He’s getting kind of old, isn’t he?” Brady says.

Given that Brady himself is 8 years older than Ronaldo, this is an obvious joke about his age. The star player might be approaching his 50, but fans never get tired of watching him. The winningest quarterback in NFL history, Brady has won 246 regular season games and 35 postseason games for a combined 281 wins. Moreover, he holds a .764 winning percentage, which is the highest among NFL quarterbacks who have started 100 games.

No wonder he is going to rock on the field for years to come with his zeal and enigma. Age is just a number to athletes like Brady and Ronaldo, who are just getting better with the passage of time.

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