UFC boss Dana White declares Michael Jordan will prevail over LeBron James in slap fight: “Jordan is a killer”

Dana White, who is working hard to popularize his new combat sport, slap fighting, among people of all ages, recently made an explosive remark. The UFC president believes that Michael Jordan would prevail in a “Slap Bet” between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Since its inception, Dana White’s Power Slap League has been a source of debate in the combat sports community. Dana most recently faced immense criticism once more for launching the league’s second season and asserting that the first season was a huge financial success. 

Dana White’s declaration on Jordan vs LeBron slap fight result

White gained attention once again for comments he made about the Slap League. This time he was asked about predicting a slap fight contest involving LeBron James and Michael Jordan on Monday night during an interview with Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports. 

The 53-year-old MMA personality didn’t find it much difficult to play pick one from the two basketball legends. Dana clearly stated that his winner is Michael Jordan in the hypothetical matchup. 

However, White expressed his admiration for the Los Angeles Lakers superstar by saying, “I respect LeBron and what he has done. Always there for the games. Makes a big difference when he’s on a team. You feel the difference when he’s on a team. ” 

Why Dana thinks Jordern will win

The UFC Head didn’t just randomly pick Jordan, rather he shared his reason why he picked ‘Air Jordan’ over ‘The L-Train’ in his “My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox” interview. 

“But Jordan is my all-time [favorite player]. And I’m a Celtics guy, but Jordan is a f–––––– killer. Jordan is a killer. Dana added.

Dana earlier in May received harsh criticism from NBA fans for making the ludicrous claim that the Power Slap League generated more revenue than the NFL, NBA, and a few other sports combined while announcing the inauguration of the Slap League’s new season.

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