Watch: Pelé leaves heartbreaking farewell message to family in shocking video

British entrepreneur and sports manager Frank Khalid stated that Pele had said his loved ones farewell as his condition deteriorated following a post on twitter.

He wrote, “Pele says goodbye to family and friends from the hospital bed. Football legend, Pele is slowly losing the battle against cancer, family says ‘his condition is worsening even further.”

Pele was admitted to the hospital in Sao Paulo on November 29 for what his medical staff described as a reassessment of the chemotherapy treatments he has been getting since he underwent surgery to remove a colon tumor in September 2021.

His condition has gotten worse and his family members are so much worried while praying to the God asking for strength and help the Great Man recovering and beating the cancer.

Pele is a legendary footballer of his time and widely considered as the greatest footballer of all time holding the record for most goals scored for Brazil (77) and won the World Cup three times.

He was a nighmare for the defenders and goalkeepers, now it seems he is on the final moments of his life.

Fans and admirers across the world are praying for the legend with a hope that he can beat the cancer like he used to beat the opponents on the field.

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