‘We have to condemn all these acts’ Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández offers heartfelt apology for his remarks over Dani Alves’ arrest on alleged sexual assault

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is regretful following his comment post after the arrested news of Dani Alves broke out following an allegation of rape and sexual assault to a 23-year-old woman.

The incident took place in the historic Sutton Nightclub in Barcelona and during the pre-match press conference before the Getafe task, Xavi expressed his opinion regarding the ongoing issue.

“It’s difficult to comment on a situation like this. I am surprised and shocked. I am in a state of shock. Justice will rule whatever it is, we can’t go in. I feel very bad for him. I’m shocked,” Xavi said in the first instance.

Alves was arrested by Spanish police on January 20 and after appealing for an initial bail, it was rejected by the court as the 39 years old Brazilian is taken to a Prison very close to Barcelona with a driving distance of approximately 35 minutes.

Xavi knew his old friend Alves so well and the Spaniard was quick to share his view about the incident which didn’t age well among the fans and the justice provider, resulting in another press conference regret from the Barcelona manager.

“I would like to clarify what I said yesterday about Alves. I was misunderstood and I wasn’t forceful, and I think it’s important that I explain myself,” Xavi explained after the 1-0 win against Getafe.

“It’s a very sensitive and important issue. We have to condemn all these acts, whoever does them. I apologize to the victim and to the victims of sexual violence.

“I am surprised that Dani could have done any of these things. I understand the criticism and I apologize.”- the 42 years manager further added.

Dani Alves has denied all the grievances brought upon him and insisted that he was framed. However, a verdict will be awarded very soon after further shreds of evidence are available to examine with a court hearing.



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