What happened between Triple H and The Rock? Looking at the story behind the feud

Triple H and the Rock enjoy a healthy ‘Bromance’ now but things weren’t always like this between the duo. When both of them were in their struggling days as a wrestler, they experienced a stressful relationship that went on for a long time.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the ocean of secrets and find out the reasons behind a longstanding feud.

What happened between Triple H and the Rock?

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Triple H A.K.A Paul Michael Levesque is a former professional wrestler who pursued a career in business post-ring life while the Rock is rocking his acting career after leaving WWE.

The sitcom ‘Young Rock’ has been created on the life of Dwayne Johnson covering both his on and off-the-ring life stories. And during one episode of the show, the rivalry between H and Rock was elaborated thoroughly for the public to get a clear idea of the matter.

The credit for instigating the rivalry between them goes to Shawn Michaels, the best friend of Triple H. During the 97’s Intercontinental Championship, Rock’s performance was beyond satisfactory and Shawn started to take this young fighter more seriously and doubted that he might replace H in the long run.

According to Michaels, after him only his counterpart H should secure a top position within the WWE universe and the Great One’s fiery speed towards success made him anxious as he didn’t like Rock personally. Furthermore,

Michaels was able to pass on his hatred for Rock to H successfully and both started plotting plans of how they can create obstacles in the mega star’s way.

Then, both Triple H and Michael pushed Bret Hart, a fellow fighter to lock horns with Dwayne and snatch away his intercontinental title in the face of Rock’s uprising stardom. But Bret couldn’t give consent to do so.

When Rock himself came across the plot, he got furious and this was the initiation of his face-to-face confrontation with H that we observed many times during their tenure. In 97’s their rivalry started out of Triple H and Michaels’s jealousy of Rock’s success and grew more intense with time.

However, Rock pursued a different career path after his rocking WWE rings and he is a global Hollywood star. And most importantly, he is on a very good term with H now and also his well-wishers. Do you think they have really forgotten their feud completely and moved on? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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