What scandal did Real Madrid players get involved in? Investigating the latest wave in Spain’s sexism row

La Liga’s top club Real Madrid has landed in a tough spot after the players related to the club were arrested by the police for being involved in a sex scandal. The club is known all around the world and getting involved with something like this can have a huge impact on its reputation.

It seems like such cases are increasing periodically. Only a month ago a case was filed against former Spanish Football Federation president, Luis Rubiales after he kissed Spain’s women’s football team captain, Jenni Hermoso. Manchester United’s winger Antony was also accused of rape and sexual assault earlier this year.

Real Madrid players arrested over sexual video involving minor

On 14 September 2023, police arrested three players related to Real Madrid after allegations of distributing a sexual video involving a minor were made against them. The case came into the public eye after the mother of the victim told the press that one of the players had recorded a sexual video of her 16-year-old daughter and distributed it among his peers. All the players currently remain unnamed but one of them is a reserved team player and the other two play for the third team, Real Madrid C.

Real Madrid

The police said the players were released following a court decision but only after the data on their mobile was seized. A fourth player who plays for Castilla is also being investigated. Real Madrid has issued an official statement regarding the case saying that they are aware of the situation but will only take action after they have “detailed knowledge of the facts”

Fans call for strict punishment for the alleged culprits

Real Madrid has fans spread all across the globe and any news related to them is sure to spread like wildfire. It did not take a lot of time for fans to hear about the case and express their thoughts about it. Fans want the players out of the squad if the allegations turn out to be true. Tweets were made from their side saying that these are not the values of Real Madrid.

Not much can be said about the case right now but this is the 3rd time this year that a case like this has surfaced in the footballing world. The players will be allowed to defend themselves in court and all of us have to wait until then.


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