Who is Derek Brunson calling out Jake Paul after his PFL debut win

Derek Brunson issued a challenge to Jake Paul after securing a debut win in PFL. Following his impressive victory against Ray Cooper III. He asserted that he came for the big fights, choosing Jake. This unexpected announcement surprised everyone, and videos of it quickly went viral.

He’s now aiming to face formidable opponents to enhance his fame and fan following. However, it’s unclear whether past experiences have influenced this decision, as challenging a boxer with his rules evokes memories of previous encounters. One thing is certain: a significant storm is brewing.

Who is Derek Brunson?

Derek is a 39-year-old American MMA fighter who has competed in UFC, PFL, CFP, and various other federations. As a middleweight southpaw fighter, he has participated in 33 official fights, securing victory in 24, with 12 of them by KO/TKO.

Known for his striking abilities, Brunson is not to be underestimated on the ground, having won four fights via submission, showcasing proficiency in both striking and grappling. Additionally, he is a member of Kill Cliff FC.

A moment of a fight of Dereke Brunson
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On the current scenario it is possible that he could actually beat Jake Paul. However, if we see in the past a huge controversy happened between these two fighter back in 2021. It is possible that old scars somehow showed up again and now its pushing Derek against Jake again.

Derek Brunson calls out Jake Paul after his PFL debut win.

Blonde specifically joined PFL to fight Cooper III and now he’s after Jake. He won that fight via unanimous decision. Following the fight he says, “I came here to Ball. Where the hell is Jake Paul”. He said that now he is here for the big fights and now he would serve the best to the fans. We didn’t receive any official action on this topic from Jake. After his last fight with Nate Diaz he proved how he deals controversy.

A fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz
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This initiative shows that this time he’s not just going to reply on Twitter; rather, he would like to have a real fight with Jake. The way he’s making a comeback after retiring from the UFC indicates that this time he has genuine concerns. It’s a bit unusual because Jake Paul is a boxer, and Brunson is an MMA fighter.

After a considerable time away from the UFC, he joined PFL, which was great news for all his fans, considering his past dominance in the UFC. Now it remains to be seen what action Jake takes—whether he accepts, ignores, or does something unexpected. Especially Tommy Fury crushed him and made it look like they are nothing.

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