Who is Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker, David Crowe arrested again for dumpster diving outside her NYC home?

Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, is a global star with a huge fan following. However, fame comes with a dark side and as much as the pop-icon has her well-wishers, she also had some awful moments with stalkers.

Taylor Swift has experienced multiple incidents of stalking by crazed fans, including a horrifying incident where a stalker was found on her bed and another fan attempted to gain access to her building by driving his car into it. Recently, a new case of stalking has emerged involving David Crowe.

Who is Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker David Crowe?

David Crowe has been stalking Taylor Swift for the past few months, and he is described as an emotionally unstable man. His appearance has been characterized by long brown hair and an unkempt beard.

Crowe, a 33-year-old law student in Seattle, has reportedly been seen lingering around Taylor Swift’s New York house. Neighbors reported that he had been asking about the ‘Karma’ singer, raising concerns about his behavior and potential threats.

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Reportedly, within a few months, David Crowe has been spotted around Taylor Swift’s house approximately 30 times. The first time he was arrested coincided with the Grammy-winning singer attending the Buffalo vs. Chiefs game.

David Crowe has openly expressed his intentions to meet Taylor Swift and has attempted to contact her. Despite being arrested twice in previous encounters, the police released him, citing a lack of evidence to conduct a formal investigation. However, it is evident that he is a dedicated fan whose behavior raises concerns about potential danger to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker arrested many times in recent days 

David Crowe has been arrested multiple times in recent days for allegedly stalking Taylor Swift outside her Tribeca townhouse in New York City.

The most recent arrest took place on Wednesday, following David Crowe’s appearance in court for stalking and harassment charges stemming from a previous arrest on Monday. Crowe is now facing charges that include stalking, harassment, and criminal contempt.

Despite being released twice by a Manhattan judge, he was arrested again less than an hour after the second release, as he was reportedly lurking outside Swift’s residence.

A judge granted a temporary order of protection and charged Crowe with criminal contempt for disobeying the court order. Photographic evidence showed him returning to a dumpster near Swift’s apartment after his arraignment. Prosecutors expressed concerns about his non-compliance with court orders and requested supervised release.

“These cases are not deemed bail-eligible, however [Crowe’s] continued conduct in showing up to this location despite numerous directives to leave shows a clear risk that [Crowe] will not abide by court orders to return to court.”

Crowe claimed he was retrieving his pants from the dumpster, denying the stalking allegations.

“I’m not, I was grabbing some of my pants they threw in the dumpster when they falsely arrested me.”

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An informant reported that Crowe had been at Swift’s apartment about 30 times since November 25, 2023. Neighbors reportedly observed him digging through a dumpster.

David Crowe was ultimately ordered to jail for violating the court order, and a psychiatric exam was mandated. His unclear mumbling during his exit from the courtroom included the word “survival.”

Initially, the prosecutors claimed that they released David Crowe because they didn’t have concrete evidence. However, this time, after being released from jail and ordered to stay away from the pop icon, Crowe was spotted again outside Swift’s house just a few hours later. In light of this, strict actions will be taken to ensure the safety of Taylor Swift.

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