Why do NFL teams have OTAs? explaining pre-minicamp details and preparations

To make the players prepare for their upcoming seasons, an official practice session is arranged over the course of three phases and this is what is called OTA or Organized Team Activities. During this period, NFL team members along with their coaches make the best use of their training sessions together to face their opponents in the coming seasons.

There are certain activities that the players need to be part of throughout the whole session. So, let’s unfold more about OTAs and details concerning their rules, and regulations.

What sort of activities do NFL teams focus on during NFL OTAs?

The main focus during OTAs is specific kinds of practices that the coach want his players to be proficient in their next games. However, there are some common activities that usually find their way during the session. Such as-

  • 7-on-7 Drill

Through this practice session, players get a concrete idea of their roles, effective passing skills, and on-field tactics. Footballers play games like a typical game day and enhance their abilities.

  • 9-on-7 Drill

This one is unique in its own way which includes various running strategies to hold great defense.

  • One-on-One Pass Rush

This one is a popular practice session during any NFL training camp which allows the footballers to work on their latent skills involving their speed, and strength.

  • Squat

This kind of practice is very vital during OTAs as it helps the footballers to improve their physique by creating a strong hold over flexibility and balance.

How much NFL players’ earn for attending OTAs?

OTAs are voluntary activities and these come with no payment to the players. However, this is an option for bonuses for the footballer which has been designed only to motivate the players so that they feel interested in attending the sessions.

But there is a specific number of attendances the players need to gather in order to be eligible for claiming the bonuses.

Although it is voluntary, OTAs are significant in terms of keeping footballers fit during the off-season and preparing them for their upcoming games. Besides, it is a perfect opportunity for rookies to increase their acquaintance with their coaches and teammates to create bonds in advance.

Let us know your thoughts on the importance of OTAs in preparing NFL players for their upcoming seasons and the significance of voluntary participation in these activities!

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