Why is Tommy Fury banned in the United States? Press conference cancelled, fight at risk

It seems as though the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight is destined to get canceled. For the second time in a row the fight is on the verge of being cut off from the card. 

This is because Tommy Fury, the younger brother of Tyson Fury and Jake Paul’s would be opponent has been denied entry into the United States of America by the Department of Homeland Security.

Some are calling it an excuse by Tommy Fury to avoid fighting Jake Paul as he is not prepared enough to take on “the problem child”. Jake Paul recently tweeted out in frustration and called Tommy Fury a “scared b****“. 

This is the second time this is happening. Tommy had to pull out from the first fight due to an injury that is where Tyron Woodley stepped in to face Jake and got knocked out cold.

According to Tommy he does not know why he was denied entry to the US and the homeland security officer did not say anything to him about it. Point to be noted, Tommy was in California just last month what could he have done within the span of one month to be denied entry to America. Let us find out:

Possible reasons why Tommy Fury was banned from the US

It is known Tyson and Tommy Fury’s father John Fury is a convicted felon and Criminal. He was accused and jailed for violent crimes against another person. John Fury gouged a man’s eyes out and turn him partially blind in an unprovoked attack quite a few years back that is why the fury patriarch cannot attend his son’s fights take place inside the United States. 

Could Tommy have committed a crime in the span of one month or is he really giving an excuse? The real reason could not be known but speculations are that Tommy has been denied entry due to misconduct inside the US during his prior visit.

Whatever Tommy has done has surely put the flight and serious risk and it may end up not happening. It seems the only Fury is allowed currently into the United States is the Mega star Tyson.

Is the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight cancelled?

No the fight has not been canceled as of yet but if Tommy cannot make it into America by the time of the scheduled date the fight may be cancelled.

But in case Tommy is permanently banned from entering US soil, Jake might have to move to the UK to fight him or find a neutral venue for the bout.

Latest news as of today is that the fight will still be contested on the 6th of August 2022. Both Jake and Tommy’s teams have been trying their best to find out the cause behind Tommy’s banishment from the US and get him in time for the fight.

But even if Tommy’s visa issues are cleared, the fight might be set back to a later date since his training camp has been disrupted by this problem.


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