Will Logan Paul make an appearance at upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event?

WWE has reportedly approached Logan Paul about competing in the upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event. Although no hint has come from the older Paul brother, his recent backlash on social media is making things a little more difficult for him. However, his past injury is close to being healed.

Logan Paul has been busy recently due to the NFT scam accusation from a detective YouTuber called Coffezilla who recently made three video series in which he revealed how the social influencer is scamming people with his NFT-based game called CryptoZoo. The video series immediately got massive attention from all the other creators on the platform. Later, the 27-year-old claimed that the scam was not his fault, but rather the fault of his team. 

Despite having the worst time, the Youtuber-turned-wrestler has been approached by the WWE to return for their upcoming event. Even though the injury update indicates that he is not fully recovered, his passion for the sport may force him to make the decision. It’s nothing surprising for the organization to talk to him about returning because of his amazing popularity in the wrestling universe in a relatively shorter period of time, he manages to impress his audience with his skills and hard work.

The controversial character had played his last wrestling match against the tribal chief, Roman Reigns. Despite having less experience than the undisputed world champion, Paul managed to take the ring for himself quite a few times, which is spectacular. Regardless of losing the match at the end, his return to Royal Rumble could be a revival of a new career.



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