WWE star mocks Jey Uso for posting emotional IG story on The Bloodline prior to Survivor Series War Games showdown 2023

Jey Uso is a part of Samoan family and is a member of the bloodline. Roman Reigns has had many rivalries in the past with many athletes at WWE but Roman always was undisputed because of the help from The Usos and the Bloodline.

Recently when Jey Uso shared an Instagram Story to show his emotions attached with the bloodline, his emotional statement was mocked by Former WWE champion Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre mocks Jey Uso

The rivalry between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre started around 2020, and the issues between them never settled down. Recently when Jey Uso was in the opening segment for Monday night RAW, it came as a shock to Drew, and as a result Drew was furious.

The rivalry between Drew and Jey caught a spark when he interfered in the match at the Survivor Series in 2020 between Roman and Drew. Due to Uso’s interference, Drew was extremely angry. As a result, Drew started targeting Jey, which could be seen when he mocked Jey for sharing the emotional story of being with The Bloodline.

Recently, Jey Uso posted a picture on his Instagram story with the quote, “WHEN TIMES WERE GOOD”, to show his emotions attached with the bloodline. This emotional statement was mocked by the former WWE champion.

McIntyre took to platform X, formerly Twitter, to mock his post. He wrote, “You couldn’t make it up 😂😂😂 And some people have the nerve to challenge my attitude towards him…” Clearly Drew McIntyre was not pleased with Jey Uso interfering in his rivalry with Roman Reigns and things could heat up between the two.

Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso feud explained

The scene which happened at the Clash of Castle was similar to a scene happened at the Survivor Series. Drew McIntyre has a long history with The Bloodline, which goes back to November 2020. That’s when McIntyre challenged Roman Reigns, who recently featured in WWE Crown Jewel vs LA Knight, for a champion vs champion match at the Survivor Series.

Exactly at that moment, Jey Uso started beefing with McIntyre. He came in between the two heavyweights and challenged McIntyre to a match, which The Scottish Warrior won by delivering a thunderous Claymore. Since this match, the rivalry between Drew and Jey has started to escalate.

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