“You wanna challenge me in everything except an actual fight” Jake Paul rips KSI for cowardly fleeing from his callout

A war of words has ensued between Youtuber turned boxers Jake Paul and KSI, as the two social media personalities went back and forth on Twitter.

KSI, whose real name is JJ Olatunji, is set to return to the ring after approximately three years out of action.  He is rumored to be fighting TikToker Austin McBroom on August 27th.  KSI last fought Logan Paul, where he picked up a split decision victory over the American.

But before his next fight gets scheduled, KSI has already gotten into a fight on Twitter. He called out the controversial Jake Paul and told to Jake to fight on his own card on August 27th to see who can get more PPVs sold:

Paul was quick to respond, saying that KSI is willing to challenge him in anything other than getting in the ring with him

But the war of tweets did not end their, as KSI dished back another Tweet, suggesting a future bout between the two could be on the horizon.

KSI struggled to balance boxing with his music career but has finally made the time to book his comeback fight. ‘The Nightmare’ recently declared himself as the “king” of YouTube boxing having helped set the trend four years ago.

In a recently surfaced video, KSI was seen responding to fan questions about when he was going to fight Jake Paul, to which he responded “Probably Next Year”.

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