After dismissing potential bout with brother Logan Paul, Jake Paul drops cryptic tweet leaving fans in splits

Jake Paul and Logan Paul, both have taken over the internet in the recent years. The Paul brothers are family but have different business interests which has led to disputes between them in the past. Jake is a partner of the energy drink CELSIUS, whereas Logan owns PRIME hydration.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul had gotten into a heated conversation, when the younger brother accused Logan Paul of playing both sides. However, Jake has dismantled all theories of him fighting his elder brother.

Jake Paul dismisses bout with Logan Paul

The Paul brothers got into a heated argument on Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive after Jake emerged victor against Nate Diaz, where the world thought that the brothers were just simply marketing a Paul vs Paul fight. In a recent interview to Fox news digital, Jake Paul dismissed any conspiracy theory of him fighting his elder brother.

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Jake said he is “at the drawing board” for his next opponent, but his brother is definitely not on the list. “Sometimes, brothers get into little bickering matches, and that’s just the name of the game. I think family goes through the bumps – there’s just 100 million people watching.”

“Logan and I are on good terms and are handling everything in private,” Jake added. The younger brother also revelaed that he looks up to his elder brother’s business ventures. “We both want each other to do the best that we can, and I think that’s most important at the end of the day, There’s obviously the comparison because we’re brothers, but I’m super happy for him and his success.”

Jake Paul drops cryptic tweet leaving fans stunned

Jake Paul took to X, formerly Twitter, to drop a cryptic post, where fans were left confused regarding the message behind the younger Paul’s tweet.

“Sometimes you make a decision that breaks your heart…but it brings you peace. Worth it?” wrote Jake on his twitter. 

Fans replied to the cryptic tweet from Jake, one said “Absolutely worth it. Sacrificing short-term happiness for long-term peace and growth can lead to a more fulfilling life.” 

“How is there peace if your heart is broken?” another said.

This isn’t the Jake Paul the world is familiar with. The younger Paul has always had a mischievous personality rather than a philanthropic one, which is the reason he goes by the name of “The problem child.” 

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