After title bout with Frank Martin collapsed, Edwin De Los Santos set to face Shakur Stevenson for WBC lightweight belt

Shakur Stevenson and the undefeated contender Frank Martin were set to fight each other after a deal was reached last week, but Martin decided not to proceed with the bout after the contract was sent over. Both the sides had agreed to virtually everything. The only temporary snag in their WBC vacant title fight was a date and location but Shakur was left without an opponent.

However, it’s not all bad as Shakur has already found his opponent for the WBC lightweight title, Edwin De Los Santos.

Shakur Stevenson vs Edwin De Los Santos for WBC lightweight title

After the pulling out of Frank Martin from the fight against Shakur Stevenson, Edwin De Los Santos and Shakur Stevenson have agreed to a deal for a Nov. 16 fight in Las Vegas for the vacant WBC lightweight title.

De Los Santos has impressed in his past two fights. He rose off the canvas to score a third-round knockout against Jose Valenzuela in September 2022 and followed that with a unanimous-decision win over Joseph Adorno in July. The Dominic republican’s lone defeat was an eight-round split decision against William Foster in January 2022.

Less than two years after the loss against William Foster, De Los Santos will meet Shakur Stevenson, for the title formerly held by undisputed lightweight champion, Devin Haney.

Shakur Stevenson vs Frank Martin bout cancelled

Shakur Stevenson had been looking for an opponent for the vacant WBA lightweight title for some time now but was struggling to find one. After being turned down by Vasiliy Lomachenko, Isaac Cruz, and William Zepeda, Stevenson began running out of options. Just a few weeks ago, it appeared as though the 26-year-old will be fighting Frank Martin.

According to ESPN all of the bout details were finalized verbally except the date and the venue of the fight, but Frank Martin pulled out after the contract was sent over. For whatever reason, Martin removed himself from the equation, leaving Stevenson without an opponent. Now, forced to start from scratch once more, Stevenson vented his anger on Martin wondering why he left him at the altar.

“You should have said no off rip if you didn’t want no wreck.”, Shakur said following the pulling out of Frank Martine from the fight. ESPN’s Mike Coppinger had reported that “Martin has had a change of heart and is no longer keen on the bout.”

Later Frank Martin took to social media and tweeted, “I ain’t duck shit.” Shakur replied to Martin by tweeting the ‘Cap emoji’ which implies that Martin is lying.

Fans also joined the fun on social media and posted a meme with the caption, “Frank Martin once an agreement is reached and the contract is sent.”

Shakur Stevenson will now be facing Edward De Los Santos for the vacant lightweight title provided the Dominic Republican doesn’t pull out of the fight like Frank Martin. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on who will be crowned as the new WBA lightweight champion?



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