Shakur Stevenson Exposes Frank Martin’s Hypocrisy Following WBC Lightweight Title Match Collapse Due to 50/50 Purse Split Demand

In the world of professional boxing, the pursuit of championship glory often takes unexpected turns. Shakur Stevenson recently found himself at odds with fellow contender Frank Martin, leading to the collapse of their highly anticipated WBC lightweight title match.

What started as a dispute over purse splits soon escalated into a public revelation of hypocrisy that has left boxing fans buzzing. Therefore, the WBC issued an order mandating that Shakur Stevenson and Frank Martin should fight for the vacant 135-pound title.

Shakur Stevenson Exposes Frank Martin

The tale begins with Shakur Stevenson, the former WBO featherweight champion, and his quest to capture the WBC lightweight title. Stevenson, a talented and confident fighter, is not a stranger to controversy. According to earlier reports, both parties reached an agreement, and the fight was decided.

However, Frank Martin, who also had his eyes set on the title, demanded a 50/50 purse split, a demand that raised eyebrows among boxing insiders. Surprisingly, Martin had earlier agreed to the deal but later on came with the demand of a 50/50 split.

Stevenson was clearly infuriated by the whole situation and thus decided that he wanted to reveal that it was, in fact, Martin who insisted on the 50/50 split. In a tweet, Shakur stated, ‘You asked me in the DMs yesterday… I explained to you all the numbers, and you still asked for half of the money. Stop it,’ after Frank blatantly denied that he ever asked for such a purse split.”

Shakur Stevenson Drops Cryptic Message After Title Bout Collapse

As tensions between the two fighters escalated due to the purse split dispute, it was Frank who took the first shot. He was quick to tweet, ‘To My Fans, I Want This Fight Just Like Y’all… And I Never Asked For a 50/50 Split.’ Martin’s statement was meant to reassure his fans that he never requested any changes to the deal. However, this only prompted Stevenson to snap back and completely reveal his side of the story.

This feud had already taken a certain turn, and rumors about the fight getting canceled were circulating. Fans were eagerly anticipating the title fight and patiently waiting for the new lightweight WBC champ, so they wanted solid information about the situation. The silence was broken when Stevenson tweeted, “Be careful what u ask for.. See y’all in Nov Fr now.”

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