Alexis Sanchez changes decision after being questioned at a restaurant?

Alexis is to transfer to Marseille, which is nothing new, and the 33-year-old is available for a free transfer as his contract with Inter Milan is about to come to an end.

Alexis visited a restaurant in Italy to attend a dinner with his agent, Fernando Felicevich, but Italian journalists got them caught.

While asked regarding his career, the Chilean kept his mouth shut like a mannequin. “I haven’t decided yet.” I’m quiet. I want to play. ”

Alexis’s contract with Inter will officially be terminated immediately and he is expected to leave for Marseille, though on paper, Inter Milan still gets to keep him for another 12 months. Maybe that’s why when journalists asked him trickily about his future with Inter Milan, he stated “it is too early’ to say goodbye to Inter fans. Alexis then asked the journalists back a question about why they were not asking the questions to his agent instead.

Sanchez joined Inter Milan on loan back in 2019 leaving his former club Manchester United.

But his adamant demeanor in reply to the question leaves the fan with more questions to find an answer to. Why did Sanchez not disclose or why was he so silent about it? What is the reason for this meetup with the agent? Is there something going on behind the curtain? Only time has the answer to all these questions.


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