Barcelona reportedly enters the race for Erling Haaland amid unconventional fundraising approach

Barcelona has been quiet in this summer transfer window, having only spent 3.5 million euros this summer. This pales in comparison to what other big clubs have spent, including rivals Real Madrid who have brought in Jude Bellingham for a 103 million euro fee.

This is hugely in part due to their financial situation since 2020, which the current management still hasn’t been able to solve. But, despite all the issues, they are currently plotting a big move for a world class player in the upcoming transfer window which could see their fortunes turned around.

Barcelona’s bold move to secure Erling Haaland

The player in question is Manchester City striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian has recently won the treble with the Premier League giants and has scored the most goals in Europe, striking 52 goals. He is currently in contention with former Barcelona legend Lionel Messi for the 2023 Ballon d’Or.

The 2022-23 Premier League top scorer was most connected with Real Madrid for a future transfer, but it seems that Barcelona is in the race to sign him now. Barcelona does have Robert Lewandowski in that position, but the Polish striker is now 35 years old, and the Catalans want a young, world-class striker to replace him.

Real Madrid to push for Erling Haaland transfer this summer as La Liga  giants seek to reunite Man City striker with Jude Bellingham |  India

Haaland had signed a five-year contract in 2022 with City, but there are many clauses in the contract. One of the clauses was for 2024, where a fee of 200 million euros could have allowed him to leave. However, due to Pep Guardiola activating another contract extension clause, that condition has been canceled.

However, according to 90min, there are more clauses that could be activated from 2025. The young striker could leave for a fixed price, believed to be around 150 million euros. As the years go by on his contract, that number will further fall.

Barcelona is now trying to activate that specific clause and will have two years to prepare for it. But they will have competition from other clubs as well, especially Real Madrid.

Barcelona is selling sections of Camp Nou grass amid financial struggles

Unfortunately, the Catalan club is still due to clear their huge financial issues, which may take some time. But they do have two years, which could be sufficient time to prepare the huge fee.

Barcelona opened a shop selling grass from Camp Nou to make money

The club has been selling sections of grass from the iconic Camp Nou stadium which has been brought down as it is being renovated. GOAL reports that each section is being sold with a price range of 50 to 420 euros. Many of them have been sold out among loyal fans, who have been keen to keep a piece of memorabilia from the iconic stadium where they lifted the biggest of trophies.

The practice is not unheard of, with both Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao having done the same. Real Madrid is also doing the same, selling pieces of grass from the old stadium after the renovations of their new stadium have been completed.

Whatever the case, Barcelona have to raise up significant funding if they eventually want to complete the blockbuster signing of Erling Haaland. Do you see Haaland play for Barcelona one day? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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