“Big fights take time” Dillian Whyte slams ‘silly’ Tyson Fury following cancelled ‘Battle of Britain’ showdown vs Anthony Joshua

In an attempt to replace Tyson Fury in the December heavyweight title bout against Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte has called out The Gypsy King. When his self-imposed deadline to sign a contract for a potential fight on December 3 passed on Monday, Fury decided against taking part in the eagerly anticipated matchup with Joshua.

Dillian Whyte, Fury’s former rival, called it “silly” and asserted that “big fights” need time. White, who has been out of the spotlight since being knocked out earlier this year, came out strong against Fury. In an interview with Sky Sports Boxing, he said, “I think it could happen but Tyson Fury is putting a lot of pressure on not intelligently, he’s just trying to use social media and it’s been a bit silly.

“Really these big fights take time because a lot that goes into it the team’s got a lot, so there’s a lot of commercial things and protecting your best interest and other things and protecting your rights and obviously these guys are in two different TV stations.” Dillian claims that securing a deal for such a significant bout is not an easy task. Fury is behaving in a “big dosser” manner.

Despite having been in negotiations for weeks and even agreeing to a 60-40 split in Fury’s favor, Joshua and Fury did not sign a contract due to the several barriers that still stood in the way of a deal. Whyte told Sky Sports that he would be happy to take Fury’s place and that Joshua, who suffered his second consecutive defeat to Oleksandr Usyk last month, will be free to fight in December.

“If the Fury fight doesn’t get made with him and Joshua, me and Joshua can fight in December if he wants,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “He’s training for it, he’s ready for it, he’s willing to take Fury on so if that fight doesn’t get made I’ll step up and take the fight with Joshua.”

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